Erborian Skin Hero Eye Perfector Review

Erborian Skin Hero Eye Perfector Review

Erborian is a French-Korean fusion brand that creates products that pair makeup and skincare effortlessly. This time, they’ve created the Skin Hero Eye Perfector, an eye cream that instantly corrects dark circles plus claims to leave the eye area noticeably brighter (even when you’re not wearing it) after 7 days!

You Will Love Erborian Skin Hero Eye Perfector If…

You’ll love the Eye Perfector if you’d never leave the house without concealer because you’re conscious about your dark circles. It brightens and rejuvenates the undereye area in just 7 days, so you feel more confident in your bare skin!

Erborian Skin Hero Eye Perfector - Before and After

What Does It Do?

It’s an eye cream that improves the look of puffiness, dark circles, fine lines and dullness (instantly and overtime). It’s a wake-up call for tired-looking eyes!

How Does It Do It?

Like all Erborian formulas, it’s powered by Korean technology. It contains a Korean White Ginseng Complex of caffeine that revitalises and smoothes in 7 days, while its peachy tint instantly neutralises dark circles.

Erborian Skin Hero Eye Perfector
What Does It Smell And Feel Like?

It doesn’t have a distinctive smell. As for texture, it’s a cream that feels lightweight and soothing under the eyes; it blends in quickly and easily.


Best Place and Time To Use It?

The eye cream can be used morning and night, but its brightening and anti-fatigue abilities will be most appreciated in the day, alone, or underneath makeup. Apply a small amount to the eye contour and blend with the ring finger into the skin.


Sustainability and Values…

The eye treatment is dermatologist- and ophthalmologist-tested and silicone-free.

Bare skin after using the Erborian Skin Hero Eye Perfector for 7 days

My Overall Experience

The Eye Perfector is the product I’ve been missing. It’s more than an eye cream for me. It bridges the gap between skincare and makeup. I’ve particularly loved wearing it on workdays from home because it wakes my under eyes without needing concealer. Not only does this mean I can let my skin ‘breathe’ for a day, but it also cuts steps (more time in bed, hallelujah) and means I don’t have the tedious task of taking my makeup off at the end of the day (more time in bed hallelujah). I’ve also worn it with makeup. It makes for a great primer, offering a dose of hydration (that doesn’t pill) underneath concealer; it works particularly well with the Erborian Super BB Concealer – the result is natural coverage that looks healthy and luminous.

As for the 7 days to brighter under eyes… I did notice a difference. It was slight, but my under eyes did appear more even, which gave me a newfound confidence. I’ve skipped concealer a lot this month, and I put it down to this launch!


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