Salon-Worthy Scalp Shampoos That Don’t Strip Colour

Salon-Worthy Scalp Shampoos That Don't Strip Colour

Healthy hair means a healthy scalp, but many shampoos can be harsh on both and fade your colour. But don’t worry – there’s a solution! We’re here to introduce you to scalp-friendly shampoos that don’t dull hair. These gentle yet effective shampoos clean your hair and scalp without affecting coloured hair.

From special clay blends to soothing botanical formulas, each shampoo is chosen to give you clean, vibrant hair and a happy scalp. Let’s discover more…


1. Bumble’s Clay Wash


Say hello to a weekly detox for your hair, scalp, and curls with Bumble and bumble’s Clay Wash. This unique shampoo/mask blend is sulphate-free, making it safe for coloured hair.

Infused with Kaolin and Bentonite clays alongside Lactic Acid, it delicately cleanses away residue, pollutants, and other build-ups without compromising your hair’s colour.

These clays purify the scalp and absorb excess oils. At the same time, coconut-derived surfactants offer a gentle alternative to traditional cleansing agents, leaving your hair ready for a week of smooth, clean styles.


2. Aveda’s Scalp Shampoo


For a daily cleanse that’s gentle yet effective, turn to Aveda’s Scalp Solutions Balancing Shampoo. Designed to remove excess oil, impurities, and pollution from your hair and scalp, this non-drying formula boosts scalp hydration, with a remarkable increase of 92% after just one week and 128% after two weeks.

Its plant-derived cleansing agents swiftly eliminate build-up and pollutants, leaving your scalp feeling refreshed and revitalised. Enjoy the invigorating scent, featuring bright citrus notes of lemon and orange complemented by a light floral touch of neroli, all balanced by refreshing hints of cool mint.


3. Philip Kingsley Itchy Scalp Shampoo


Trusted by hair specialists since 1967, Philip Kingsley’s Anti-Dandruff Shampoo is a luxurious yet mild solution for sensitive scalps, even those with coloured hair.

Developed with minimal ingredients, it effectively cleanses the scalp while providing relief from flaking and itching. Lauryl betaine and piroctone olamine work harmoniously to soothe the scalp without irritating, leaving 100% of users feeling comfortable and 99% noticing a reduction in flakiness.


4. Schwarzkopf Scalp Shampoo

Experience immediate relief for dry, sensitive scalps with Schwarzkopf Professional’s BC Bonacure Scalp Soothing Shampoo. This gentle formula calms irritation and rebalances the scalp, promoting future hair health.

Enriched with a superfood complex featuring kale and madecassoside known for their anti-inflammatory and nourishing properties, this shampoo, alongside AHAs that exfoliate the scalp, improves scalp moisture levels and overall health. With a gel texture that transforms into a light, airy foam, and a fresh, lingering scent, it offers a luxurious cleansing experience that respects your hair colour.


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