Initio Oud For Greatness Neo Eau de Parfum Review

Initio Oud For Greatness Neo Eau de Parfum Review

You will likely have heard about Initio Oud for Greatness if you love oud fragrances. It’s a best-selling oud coveted for its magnetic and spicy aroma. For 2024, the niche perfume house has released a flanker to this icon. Oud for Greatness Neo (Greek for new, young) is a fresher, softer interpretation of the original.


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Your Guide To Initio Perfumes

When we first launched, our Campaigns Manager, Chelsey, reviewed the entire Initio collection (see above). Initio created The Black and Gold Project to showcase the joy-inducing forces of oud. Each scent honours the ultra-opulent natural ingredient, which has been used throughout history to promote healing and encourage meditation. So, each scent teases your senses and toys with your emotions.


You Will Initio Oud for Greatness Neo If…

Neo is softer and lighter than Oud for Greatness, so I think it would make a great first oud fragrance or option for someone who doesn’t like traditional oud fragrances (and wants to). Alternatively, for those who love ouds or already own Oud for Greatness, Neo makes for a wonderful everyday scent for work.


What Does It Smell Like?

Oud for Greatness Neo will make you lean in closer. It has all the intriguing qualities of the original: the freshness of lavender, spiciness of saffron, sensuality of musk, and, of course, luxurious woody oud accents. But, the addition of fir balsam softens the composition and gives it a lighter, greener quality that is gentler than its predecessor.

Notes Oud, Bergamot, Fir Balsam, Orpur Lavender.



Initio Oud for Greatness Neo’s Longevity

Oud for Greatness Neo’s longevity is impressive; it lasted approximately 12 hours on my skin. Its silage isn’t as powerful as Oud for Greatness, but it’s still very impressive; it was noticeable even after four hours of application.


The Best Place and Time To Wear It Is…

Because it’s a lighter, fresher take on Oud for Greatness, Neo would make an excellent daytime oud fragrance in all seasons but may come into its own in the spring. Its psychoactive properties, which help heal and encourage meditation, would also make it a great work scent, helping you stay calm under pressure.


Initio Oud for Greatness Neo’s Design and Aesthetic

Oud for Greatness Neo’s design and aesthetic is characterized by its luxurious box and heavy lid, which exude opulence. Its packaging reflects a sense of extravagance, with attention to detail in every aspect. The bottle is similar to its predecessor, Oud for Greatness, with subtle differences; it has nods of green intertwined into the bottle’s gold design.


My Overall Experience

I admire and appreciate the beauty of fragrances but, in the past, found them too ‘strong’ or ‘overpowering’ for my personal taste. That’s until I tried Neo. Finally, a lighter, greener oud. Whereas OFG (Oud for Greatness) says, ‘Hey, everyone looks at me’, Neo has a quiet confidence that only people close by will get to enjoy. It’s an oud fragrance for you, not everyone else. That’s not to say it doesn’t have a good projection or isn’t long-lasting; it is, but we’re comparing it to OFG, which is a showstopper, remember? Neo is noticeably brighter in the top and mid notes than the original, but as it dries down, the musky-oudy qualities of OFG become apparent. I’d go so far as to say that it’s a more wearable version of OFG, airy and almost clean while retaining the sexy, luxurious qualities of oud. If you can’t tell, I love it!


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