Prada Luna Rossa Ocean Le Parfum Review

Prada Luna Rossa Ocean Le Parfum is the latest addition to the best-selling Luna Rossa fragrance collection for men. First released in 2012, the original Luna Rossa is inspired by the world of competitive sailing and is best loved for its fresh, aquatic, and invigorating scents. Whether you’re a longtime fan of the Luna Rossa range or you’re discovering it for the first time, Luna Rossa Ocean Le Parfum offers a new twist on this classic scent that’s hard not to love…

Prada Luna Rossa Ocean Le Parfum Notes

You Will Love Luna Rossa Ocean If…

If you love fresh fragrances, you’re bound to have smelt Luna Rossa fragrances before. Ocean Le Parfum offers a new take on traditional ‘blue’ freshness, which I think will appeal to those who enjoy warmer, deeper scents. It’s also an ideal choice is you love Luna Rossa Ocean but want a richer, more intense version of evening or special occasions.


What Does It Smell Like:

Luna Rossa Ocean Le Parfum is an ambery fougere scent. It opens with fresh lemon essence, contrasted with saffron accord and smoky notes of leathery oakwood. The original freshness is contracted with spicy-amber facets. Prada Luna Rossa Ocean Le Parfum is a smoother, smokier interpretation.

Prada Luna Rossa Fragrance Collection

How’s Luna Rossa Ocean Different from the Rest of the Range?

Luna Rossa Classic: fresh and modern.
Luna Rossa Sport: spicy, sensual, and vibrant.
Luna Rossa Carbon: woody, sophisticated and energising.
Luna Rossa Black: ambery, seductive and charismatic.
Luna Rossa Ocean: fresh, leathery and spicy.

When comparing Ocean Le Parfum to previous versions, the freshness is dialled back and replaced with spicy, smoky notes for the Le Parfum. You can still pinpoint the blue DNA of Ocean, especially when it dries down, but Ocean Le Parfum stands alone. It blends freshness, spiciness and woodiness to make a crowd-pleasing masculine aroma.


Luna Rossa Ocean Le Parfum’s Longevity…

The Le Parfum is the longest-lasting of all Luna Rossa Ocean formats. I sprayed it in the morning and could still smell it on my skin 8-10 hours later.


Prada Luna Rossa Ocean Le Parfum Spray; Campaign with Jake Gyllenhaal

Who’s The Face of Luna Rossa?

Jake Gyllenhaal has been the face of Luna Rossa Ocean since the first version was released in 2021. He was chosen for his “dynamic presence and versatile acting career, which aligns with the fragrance’s themes of exploration and innovation.”

Best Place and Time To Wear Luna Rossa Ocean Le Parfum…

Because Ocean Le Parfum is deeper and more intense than the previous Ocean fragrances, it is best suited for evenings, events, and/or autumn/winter.

Prada Luna Rossa Ocean Le Parfum Spray Refillable Bottle

Ocean Le Parfum’s Design and Aesthetic Is Special Because…

The original bottle is inspired by technology, specifically the sleek, dynamic beauty of sailing boats. For Ocean Le Parfum, the classic design remains, but this time, it has a red-to-dark blue gradient and comes in a refillable format.


My Overall Experience

This is my favourite Luna Rossa release. I will buy my husband a bottle for his birthday to keep smelling it. When I sprayed it in the office, it’s been met with ‘ohs’ and ‘ahs’, and a few people have been stealing the bottle to spritz themselves. It’s been called ‘sexy’, ‘spicy’, and ‘perfect for a posh dinner’. It’s a bold scent that leaves a lasting impression.


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