Lancome UV Expert Supra Screen SPF50+ Review

The search for the best facial sunscreen never ends. I’m always eager to try the latest innovations and see how they compare to my favourites. In this edit, I am reviewing Lancome’s latest SPF for the face: Supra Screen SPF50+. I have high expectations with a skincare-infused formula that’s 6x lighter than your average face SPF. Let’s put it to the test…


What Does It Do?

Supra Screen SPF50+ is a broad-spectrum SPF50+ sunscreen that protects your face and neck from UVA, XL UVA, UVB, and pollution to prevent signs of photo-ageing.


How Does It Do It?

The facial sunscreen combines chemical filters and skincare ingredients to perfect and protect the complexion. The lightweight formula is enriched with 3% niacinamide, 1% vitamin E, and 3% green tech dandelion to help defeat photo-ageing.


What Does It Smell And Feel Like?

It’s extremely lightweight—6x lighter than your average face SPF. It isn’t fragrance-free, but its scent is very subtle—slightly floral and fresh.


Best Place and Time To Use It?

Supra Screen’s lightweight, comfortable texture makes it the ideal everyday SPF choice. I could barely feel it on my skin after application, and it created the ideal base for my foundation (my skin felt hydrated and looked glowy).


Supra Screen SPF50+ Design and Aesthetic Is Special Because…

Supra Screen looks luxurious and high-end. The square bottle design reminds me of the Teint Idole Foundation packaging. The lid is sturdy and screws on tightly, so there’s no risk of mishaps if you travel with this. It has a nozzle that dispenses the fluid slowly so that you can dispense the perfect amount.


You Will Love Supra Screen SPF50+ If…

If you don’t like wearing sunscreen or have yet to find one that’s light enough, Supra Screen is it. It’s the lightest SPF I have tried… ever. It feels more like a fluid moisturiser than a facial sunscreen, and it leaves a healthy sheen on the skin that exudes radiance and makes an ideal base for makeup. I’ve skipped primer many times when using it!


My Overall Experience

The only negative aspect of trying this SPF is that I now need to buy one. I’m obsessed with it. I love its light texture and dewy finish, and I can’t forget its luxurious packaging, which is unlike others I have, which have a more functional/clinical design. If you’re looking for an undetectable sunscreen that leaves a glowy finish and feels comfortable (it didn’t cause a flare-up on my reactive skin), I’d highly recommend Supra Screen.


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