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Crabtree and Evelyn believe that each age has its own wisdom that contributes to its body of knowledge.

That is why innovation is a long standing tradition at Crabtree and Evelyn.

In creating each new generation of products they draw upon their rich heritage and accumulated knowledge of plants and botanicals, while making use of emerging technologies to produce the purest, most effective products possible for you.

Founded in 1972 by American Cyrus Harvey, Crabtree and Evelyn has expanded from a family-run business specialising in fine soaps to a world-renowned company.

Inspired by the apothecaries and still rooms of old, a time when the garden was integral to daily life, Crabtree and Evelyn utilise botanical extracts in each of their formulations.

The name of the brand itself is derived from one of the world's first conservationalists John Evelyn, a 17th century Englishman who planted magnificent gardens and wrote of his passion for botany. The second half of the name comes from the great English crab apple tree, a stalwart in the apothecary given its usefulness in the home.

Today the brand is renowned for its original fragrances, fine foods and beautiful gifts, which transform the ordinary rituals of daily life into pleasurable experiences.