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Miller Harris is the brainchild of expert perfumer Lyn Harris, an irreverent and eclectic artisan whose creations are very much inspired by her time spent at prestigious fragrance schools in France.

Innovative and timeless, the Miller Harris creations make up a distinctive fragrance wardrobe.

Each scent is a luxurious expression of a moment, or a feeling.

Lyn pushes the boundaries and defies convention with each and every creation, making for a selection of exquisitely blended signature scents.

Lyn Harris founded Miller Harris in 2000, the product of twenty years experience in the fragrance industry and five years training in Paris and Grasse. With a focus upon natural elements and the fruits of the earth, Harris crafted a collection of timeless fragrances that respect the traditions of old while carving out an innovative niche all of their own.

With a wealth of eclectic inspiration and passion borne of years of experience, Miller Harris offers an entire wardrobe of artistic haute parfumerie. The iconic collection is bottled in that distinctive Miller Harris style: a botanical sunflower design that is print directly onto the bottles for a more organic feel.

Scents include L'Air de Rien, a smoky and mysterious creation created for Jane Birkin; Figue Amere, a juicy scent inspired by the island of Ibiza; and Citron Citron, a bright and beautiful aroma that is full of sunshine. Each is blended with the finest raw ingredients, which Lyn Harris investigates and sources herself. Experience a fragrance brand that pours love into every aspect of its creations.