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Clarins: Love Is Behind Everything We Do

Loving souls are creative souls, which is why we create products for every beauty need and desire. We know that every person is unique and we listen to each and every one of them. We know that money makes no difference when love is concerned, so we've given our Laboratories only one directive: to offer the very best.

It's a fact:

With Clarins, life's more beautiful.

Jacques Courtin Clarins founded his first iconic beauty institute in 1954. His emphasis upon 100% pure plant oils and pioneering natural beauty proved an instant hit with beauty-loving Parisians who wished to restore their skin's natural balance in a more gentle and effective way.

Since then Clarins has maintained their natural ethos, and have pushed for greater awareness of sustainable development, renewable energies and eco-conception in the field of cosmetics and skincare. This includes partnering with Pro Natura in order to help to preserve natural areas, and Alp Action in order to preserve biodiversity in the Alpine region.

Clarins formulations are packed full of the most beneficial and scientifically-advanced ingredients available. The entire development process takes at least 18 months, and involves a blend of intuition, creativity and know-how in order to achieve the best results. It is a complicated and skilled process; Clarins researchers must extract the plant's benefits effectively in order deliver maximum comfort to the skin. There are teams of researchers for each product area, from cleansers and day creams to makeup.

When it comes to ingredients, Clarins prefers plants grown locally or in a fair trade program. Rigorous ingredients policies affirm their constant commitment to preserve biodiversity, and it is a process taken as seriously today as it was almost 60 years ago when Clarins was first created.

Iconic products include the Beauty Flash Balm, the quintessential instant skin smoother; Eau Dynamisante, the first treatment fragrance; Double Serum, an emblematic bi-phase serum; and Multi-Active Day, an anti-ageing line for younger skin.