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Nesti Dante

The art of fine soap making is native to the artisans of Florence, the home of Nesti Dante.

The brand is steeped in heritage; a perfect balance of innovation and tradition that ensures the skill will continue for generations more.

Special attention is paid to the tiniest details and only carefully selected top quality raw materials that are free of synthetic surfactants are used to produce richer and more softening soaps.

Completely natural, 100% biodegradable and made with no animal testing, Nesti Dante has pledged a commitment to the earth that provides the raw material for their soaps.

Founded by Dante Nesti, Nesti Dante has created quality soaps with love and care since 1945.

The family-run business has always strived to be the best rather than the biggest, and much emphasis is placed upon the quality of the ingredients, the innovation of the soap creation, and the upkeep of the traditions that have served the Nesti family so well.

The classic cauldron method is utilised by Nesti Dante in their daily production, and today the company is one of the few factories that continues with the handcrafted method of saponification. This entire process lasts several days using vegetable and animal fats and the skill of specialised artisans. The raw materials used produces a richer and more softening soap due to the presence of glyceride in the fats.

Today, Nesti Dante produces 35 tons of toilet soaps with a daily packaging capacity of 250,000 bars of soap. Luxurious, quality-driven and steeped in tradition, these soaps are the essence of Florentine artisanship, and a timeless expression of sumptuous skincare.