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Tisserand Aromatherapy Coriander Ethically Harvested Pure Essential Oil 9ml


Perfect to use as a pampering or recovery massage in times of need, Tisserand Aromatherapy Coriander Ethically Harvested Pure Essential Oil is a calming and warming oil with a sweet and mildly spicy aroma.

This multi-purpose essential oil is ideal for those with sensitive skin and can be used to ease digestive complaints, help the body recover from any viral infections, boost circulation and soothe nervous tension as well energising and toning a weary body and mind.

Once the flowers or ‘umbels’ die back at the end of the season, coriander seeds are taken from the plant and the oil extracted using steam distillation to produce a thin and colourless to pale yellow lightweight oil.

Why We Love It

If you’ve been burning the candle at both ends and have had a busy period in your life where you feel like you can’t think straight, a massage incorporating coriander oil is the perfect remedy. It helps to combat mental exhaustion, anxiety and sleep deprivation with its warming and calming characteristics, which help to soothe away any tension. It’s the perfect essential oil to add to a bath for a comforting soak.

How To Use It

For general body massage, add up to 5 drops of this essential oil to at least 10ml of blending oil. For vaporisation, add a few drops to your vaporiser and allow to diffuse. Before use please ensure you read the essential oil safety information leaflet enclosed in the packaging.

Top Tip: You could also use this aromatic oil in the bath for a relaxing soak, simply add a few drops to running water and wash your cares away!

Works Well With

Create your own customised blend and try mixing with other oils from the Tisserand Essential Oils collection. Coriander pairs particularly well with lemon tea tree, lemongrass, jasmine, sandalwood and cypress oils.



100% natural, pure essential oil.


100% Coriandrum sativum (coriander) oil.

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