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John Richmond

The John Richmond fragrance collection is a celebration of the energy, creativity and unpredictability of youth and street culture.

His fashions are heavily influenced by musical movements, "street chic", John's own irreverent style and luxurious precision.

John Richmond's close ties with the music industry have allowed him to dress such superstars as Madonna, Mick Jagger and Annie Lennox.

The subversive and striking nature of the collection combined with their superior tailoring and meticulous attention to detail appeals to both the rebel and the star in its wearers - they are clothes fit for an icon. To create a lasting memory, you need to create a big impression, and the Richmond lines do just that.

Mancunian John Richmond is a designer who thrives on the energy, creativity and unpredictability of youth. A graduate of Kingston University, he immediately created an eponymous collection upon leaving education and has not looked back since.

The many motifs utilised by John Richmond have included tattoos, zips, leather, fur, bondage, check, lycra, denim and boalike trims, all reminiscent of 70s glam rock and grungy punk. Although such anarchic and dissident imagery is designed to subvert and defy expectations, John Richmond became impossibly popular through such design, and inspired a whole generation of London clubbers. The deconstructed nature of the garments combined with the sophistication of their styling and the quality of their production hauled the collections into the contemporary market.

Recent collections have taken on a more urbane personality. They are understated, uncomplicated and tasteful pieces that seem to have grown up along with John Richmond's audience of the 80s. The hallmark of supremely intricate detailing is still present, however, along with quality fabric and classic yet subversive design.

As well as his main John Richmond, Richmond X and Richmond Denim lines, the designer produces eyewear, underwear, beachwear, the junior line, footwear, jewellery, and his most recent addition, fragrance. The John Richmond fragrances evoke the irreverent spirit of his collections, fascinating the senses with the potency of rock and roll. Seductive and energising, the fragrance collection recreates the heady and carefree nature of youth along with wealth, sex appeal and glamour.

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