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Narciso Rodriguez, the Designer

Narcisso Rogriguez, the Designer

A New York-based fashion designer of Cuban descent.

A unique style at the crossroads of three influences: American, European and Latin.

An extremely personal vision of timeless elegance, whose classicism is imbued with a new spirit of modernity.

The Core values of his approach to fashion are reflected in each of his perfumes.

"I enjoy reinterpreting the classics in a modern way."
Narciso Rodriguez

his inspiration

A city, New York.

A reference, architecture.

A passion, photography.

A vocation, elegance.

His sources of inspiration define the “so narciso” style.

his fashion

His fashions are elegant, classic/modern, clean, architectural/structured, timeless.

A style based on three influences.

The rules of American ready-to-wear.

The European haute couture tradition.

The sensuality of his Latin heritage.

his expression in fashion and fragrances

His expression: precision, sobriety and sensuality.

The same values resonate in his fashion and fragrances.

Narciso Rodriguez is one brand, one creative vision.

A timeless brand built around a man, his personality and his passions.