The Montblanc Explorer Review

Montblanc Explorer review: Montblanc Explorer Eau de Parfum
Explorer, embodies Montblanc’s muse: adventure. First shown in their 1858 clothing collection, which is inspired by the adventurous world of mountain exploration; adventure has been a source of inspiration for their fashion and fragrances ever since.

First and foremost a fashion house, Montblanc is known for contemporary men’s clothing specially designed for the outdoorsy type in mind, which is a theme that runs through the heart of their fragrances.

Montblanc Explorer combines the earthy rugged attitude of the explorer, combined with the crisp airy freshness of the mountain precipice. An innovation in fougere, Explorer, is part of a new wave of modern fragrances from this family such as Bleu de Chanel, Dior Sauvage and Creed’s Aventus.

Montblanc Explorer review: Montblanc Explorer Eau de Parfum


How does Montblanc Explorer smell?

Explorer opens fresh and smooth. There is a seamless interplay between citrus and herbs, with the sparkling zest of bergamot warmed by the savoury depth of sage. Pomarose, a Givaudan captive material that has a fruity, rosy character brings in dewy orchard facets, which gives Explorer a natural impression that leads one to think of days spent outside amongst the warm sun and the cool breeze.

Things get a bit butch from then on as the grassy note of vetiver, the smoky, buttery tones of leather, and an intense wave of ambroxan envelops the smooth, nuttiness of sandalwood. This gives the impression of a vast grassland, over which a silvery mist rolls in against a gauzy, grey sky of patchouli. The effect is very much like those modern fougeres mentioned above. Still, there’s perhaps a more natural, relaxed feel to Explore – a sense that it is entirely comfortable being free from constraints.

Montblanc Explorer does not reinvent the wheel. It presents a familiar fougere style but does so in a way that has more of a carefree spirit than many of the fragrances in this genre, which tend to go for more of a tailored navy suit vibe. Explorer is more of a white t-shirt, jeans and converse type of scent. Everything about it is handsome too; from the sophisticated black bottle, which is minimalist in presentation but has a subtly luxurious feel (thanks to the tactile texture), to the crystalline, mineral intensity of its olfactory signature – this is a fragrance that smells good and let’s face it, that’s the most important thing, right?


What are the notes in Montblanc Explorer?


Fragrance Family: woody-aromatic.

Top Notes: Bergamot, Pomarose, Sage.
Heart Notes: Vetiver, Leather, Sandalwood.
Base Notes: Patchouli, Ambrofix, Akigalawood.


How Long Does Montblanc Explorer Last?

As an Eau de Parfum, the Montblanc Explore perfume has incredible good staying power and will last for around 6-8 hours. And, if you want your fragrance to really go the distance, a great option would be to add the Montblanc deodorant Stick to your routine. When you apply the smooth balm, you can really smell the bergamot but still has the sensuality of the woods for an added sense of masculinity. The stick doesn’t leave any residue on-the-skin and will make sure you get a more complex scent that lasts that little bit longer.


Let’s Talk About Montblanc Explorers’ Bottle:

The Montblanc Explorer bottle looks utterly masculine and reflects the fragrance and the expedition story behind this fragrance. You can see this in the contrasting black leather and glass design, which Montblanc says represent two hemispheres of the earth to show the journey made to collect all the ingredients in the Eau de Parfum. The story continues into the gunmetal top and the glass bottom, which is also emblazoned with a star to signify the six glaciers of the highest mountains in Europe. Trademark Montblanc, this star emblem has featured on all of their fragrances to date, so is definitely a detail left for the loyal fans!


What The Escentual Team Thought Of Montblanc Explorer:


Name: Caitlin
Age: 24

If you had to describe it in three words, it would be: “fresh, sultry and masculine.”

Describe Montblanc Explorer in more detail:
“I think it starts quite fruity when I first spray, and then it becomes more rugged and masculine after a few minutes on the skin. The freshness gives way to a deeper smell that I attribute to the leather note in the heart. I can smell the earthiness of the patchouli, but the woodiness is the most intense.”

Where would you wear it?
“I could see my partner Dylan wearing this fragrance when he’s at the pub with his friends to make a bit of extra effort from the everyday. And, it’s one I would steal if I was going for a grunge look.”

What do you think it smells similar to?
“I’ve heard that many people in the fragrance community have likened Montblanc Explorer to Creed Aventus. Although I haven’t smelt this, I’d be curious to try it to see the similarities. To me, this scent reminds me of the YSL Y Eau de Parfum vibe.”

Name: Ben
Age: 29

If you had to describe it in three words, it would be: “Punchy, masculine and delicious.”

Describe Montblanc Explorer in more detail:
“When I smelt this, I imagined a man hiking up the mountain because of its intense earthy notes. I love it because it’s not subtle, and I like to wear fragrances that make me stand out – or make people ask “what are you wearing?”.”

Where would you wear it?
“I like to save this for special occasions when I want to feel my best. My boyfriend and brother also wear this fragrance because I recommended it to them – I love it that much!”

What do you think it smells similar to?
“It reminds me of Lacoste fragrances because it smells quite sporty and fresh.”


What Reddit Thinks of Montblanc Explorer:


Many people in the fragrance community likened it to Creed Aventus…


Montblanc Explorer may be my favorite fragrance of all time… at least for the time being! from r/fragrance


How has Montblanc Faired in 2020?

The Montblanc Explorer Eau de Parfum has become a signature scent for many men across the globe throughout 2019 and shows no signs of slowing down in 2020 (that’s if our glowing customer reviews and the fragrance community are anything to go by!).


What do you think of Montblanc Explorer?

Over to you! Do you think you’ll like Montblanc Explorer? After reading our review, what do you think it smells similar to? Let us know by tagging us @Escentual on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram and use #EscentualScents


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