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Uriage products in a review

I’d never used Uriage before starting at Escentual, but that quickly changed once I learnt more about them. With affordable prices, expert complexes and ultra-gentle formulas, you’re about to find your new favourite skincare brand.

As a copywriting intern, Kate and I wrote all of the descriptions for Uriage products, which not only meant in-depth research but also trying all of the products. I know, it’s a hard job, but someone’s got to do it, and we were happy to oblige.

As we were testing and trying each product and learning more about them through training with the brand themselves, we decided we wanted to impart that knowledge over to you. Uriage aren’t one the most well-known French brands, but they definitely should be. This edit looks at 10 of Uriage’s best-sellers and finds out what makes them such cult favourites.

Uriage has formulated a product for every major skincare concern, yet they don’t always get the recognition they deserve. They are perhaps one of French Pharmacy’s secret gems, and as we’re passionate about all things French Pharmacy and all things skincare, we didn’t want you to keep scrolling past this noteworthy brand.

And, with our frequent French Pharmacy sales, there’s never been a better time to learn what makes Uriage so special and why we’re so passionate about them.


1. The Energy Drink For Your Skin

Uriage Eau Thermale Water Spray in a review of best selling uriage products

How To Use Uriage Eau Thermale Water Spray: Close your eyes and spritz over the face whenever you need it. Can be sprayed anywhere on the body that needs soothing and healing moisturisation.

Water’s just water, right? Wrong! The Uriage Eau Thermale Water Spray is the most active thermal water on the market; it contains 11,000mg of minerals per litre. With a composition that is close to that of our tears, Uriage’s Thermal Water is a 2000-year-old secret that soothes, repairs, protects and hydrates – it does it all in just a quick spray.

Discovered by the Romans, the thermal water comes from the French Alps and is renowned for its soothing abilities and isotonic properties. Unsure of what isotonic means? It basically means that the mineral content of the water is similar to that of skin cells and therefore are able to pass through skin’s cells naturally, without causing harm, irritation or adversity. Therefore, by infusing cells with this concentration of mineral salts and trace elements they remain balanced and unchanged, and can fully benefit from the efficacy of the water.

There’s not a time where I wouldn’t recommend the Uriage Water Spray. The multitasking mist can be used by the whole family and for whatever reason, whether it’s to soothe your baby’s nappy-rash*, to repair your sibling’s damaged skin after surgery or a tattoo, or to protect your grandma’s fragile skin. If you struggle with eczema, psoriasis or any other inflammatory dermatosis conditions, a quick spray will refresh, moisturise and calm your irritation and restore comfort.

Plus, it even helps to fix your makeup. I love spritzing this throughout the day whenever my skin is in need of a hydrating boost. The water is in all of Uriage’s skincare products too, so your skin and body benefit from this natural wonder every time you use Uriage.

*It’s worth noting that Uriage actually has a range of products dedicated to baby care, Uriage Bebe. If you’re looking for baby skincare then make sure you have an explore.

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2. The Mineral SPF

Uriage Bariesun Mineral Cream SPF50+ in a review of best selling Eucerin products

How To Use Uriage Bariesun Cream SPF 50+: Massage over skin at least 20 minutes before sun exposure. Reapply frequently, especially after swimming or towelling.

You probably already know that here at Escentual we’re passionate about suncare, and we’ve found you another daily SPF that makes suncare a breeze.

The Bariesun SPF 50+ is a very high broad-spectrum sunscreen that uses latest-generation mineral filters to shield your skin from damaging rays. It also protects against premature ageing and is packed with moisturising abilities to combat dryness and dehydration, while a duo of vitamins offers antioxidant defence. A multi-tasking masterpiece, the moisturising daily SPF limits the harmful effects of the sun.

Not only do we take our sun care seriously, but we also care about the pleasurability of a formula, as this is something that does matter to a lot of people when choosing a product. If that’s the case then you will love the Bariesun Cream. The scent! The texture! It’s a sensorial delight.

With a fruity-floral fragrance that instantly grabs the attention of your senses and an ultra-lightweight fluid formula that just beautifully melts as it fuses with skin, there’s never been such a comfortable way to apply your suncare.

Turning daily SPF from a chore into an easy, everyday routine, the Bariesun sunscreen offers protection, hydration and pleasure of use.

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3. The Repairing Lip Balm

Uriage Moisturising Lipstick in a review of best selling uriage products

How To Use Uriage Moisturising Lipstick: Glide the stick balm over the lips as often as necessary.

It’s not a normal day at the Escentual office without one of us announcing “I need to put on lip balm,” so trust me when I say, we’ve tried a lot. I’ve been using Uriage’s Moisturising Lipstick for a few weeks now and I have not been disappointed. It’s a creamy, rich lip balm in lipstick form that nourishes your pout as it glides across the lips.

If your lips are in need of a little TLC then you’ve found your new holy grail product. Dryness, damage and chapping are prevented as the repairing lip balm stick infuses the delicate skin with intense nutrition to restore the plumpness back to your pout. Your lips will be soft, smooth and totally kissable in no time.

If your lips are dry due to acne or medical treatments, Uriage has another more powerful lip balm that might be better suited to your needs. Check out the Bariederm Cica Lips Repairing Balm.

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4. The Repairing Hand Cream

Uriage Bariederm Insulating Repairing Hand Cream in a review of best selling uriage products
How To Use Uriage Bariederm Insulating Repairing Hand Cream: Massage into your hands as often as necessary.

In the current world where there’s hand sanitiser at every corner and you find yourself washing your hands more often than you can count, then you need to make sure you’re counteracting all of that (important) handwashing. The Uriage Bariederm Hand Cream is a rich, water-resistant hand cream that will nourish even the driest of hands.

Perfect for hands exposed to daily aggressions and chemical products, the cream creates an invisible barrier over hands to ward off stressors while insulating hands in order to protect against future attacks.

As we return to our new normality, I always make sure I have a hand sanitiser and one of these hand creams in my handbag. Just because we need to keep our hands clean, doesn’t mean we have to have dry and overwashed hands.

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The Hand Cream For Dry Skin Edit

5. The “Do-It-All” Skin Salve

Uriage Bariederm Repairing Cica-Cream with Copper-Zinc in a review of best selling uriage products

How To Use Uriage Bariederm Repairing Cica-Cream with Copper-Zinc: Apply the cream to clean, dry skin.

A must-have for your first-aid, your handbag, your suitcase…. The Uriage Bariederm Cica-Cream with Copper-Zinc is a multi-tasking, skin-healing and anti-irritation cream for the whole family.

The expert restorative treatment creates a bandage-like effect on broken, damaged or irritated skin to insulate and protect against further damage. Using a host of patented complexes and unique formulas, the cream calms and repairs skin.

When would you use it, you ask? You can use it any time the skin has been damaged or compromised. From small injuries – such as a scratch or mosquito bite – to larger grievances, such as superficial burns, the cream stimulates the healing process of skin and blood vessels and maintains a healthy environment for your skin to heal.

You can even use it to soothe skin after a tattoo, dermo-esthetic procedures or for postoperative lesions as the rich lotion helps to limit scars while speeding up the regeneration process. It’ll relieve discomfort and stop the urge to scratch, meaning it’s popular with those who suffer from eczema.

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6. The Gentle Cleanser

Uriage Cleansing Oil in a review of best selling uriage products

How To Use Uriage Cleansing Oil: Lather the oil between your hands and massage over damp skin. Rinse thoroughly.

Do you want to know the secret to clear, healthy skin?
That’s right, you guessed it. Cleansing! An absolute crucial step that cannot be skipped, I’ve fallen in love with Uriage’s Cleansing Oil.

As I said above, I’d never used Uriage before starting at Escentual, and even then it wasn’t the first brand I would turn to, purely because I didn’t know enough about them. This cleanser was the first of their products I tried, and I was sold.

The gentle cleansing base combined with the luxurious gel-oil texture and its fresh, clean scent makes the Cleansing Oil a true treat to use. Skin feels soft, smooth and totally clean after use, and I love the fact that this can be used all over the body.

I love using this to take my makeup off as it captures every trace and lifts it away from the skin, and it’s been ophthalmologically tested, too, making it perfect for contact lens wearers as well as those with sensitive eyes, like me.

Plus, the oil doesn’t leave a greasy film on either the skin or the bath! This means it’s not slippery and won’t leave a

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7. The Soothing Moisturiser

Uriage Roseliane Anti-Redness Cream in a review of best selling uriage products

How To Use Uriage Roseliane Anti-Redness Cream: Massage over clean, dry skin every morning and evening.

The cream is rich yet incredibly lightweight and doesn’t weigh the skin down. It’s packed with a host of complexes that not only work to diminish redness and sensitivity, but also contains a trio of patented actives that focus on the health of the skin.

The formula gets to work beneath the skin to quell and regulate the triggers of sensitivity while strengthening the barrier to reduce the appearance of redness and inflammation.

Not only that, but the Roseliane cream is also infused with neutralising green pearly particles. These work hard to diffuse and mask redness,

I love using this daily anti-redness moisturiser as a makeup primer as it creates a smooth and soft base that’s intensely moisturised and soothed, perfectly prepped and ready to face the day.

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8. The Quenching Overnight Mask

Uriage Eau Thermale Water Sleeping Mask in a review of best selling uriage products

How To Use Uriage Eau Thermale Water Sleeping Mask: Massage a thin layer of the fluid texture to cleansed, dry skin. Go to sleep with the mask on and let it get to work! Rinse off when you wake to reveal glowing, hydrated skin.

This mask is one of my favourite products of Uriage’s, and I can’t believe I went so long without trying it. It’s so hydrating and really helps you get the most out of your beauty sleep. If you want to wake up to glowing, healthy and dewy skin then this is sure to be your new go-to.

As you rest, the mask infuses your skin with an exclusive Hydro-Thermal Complex, hyaluronic acid and Uriage Thermal Water. This delivers an exceptional hydrating effect to skin with active ingredients gradually but continuously enriching the skin over eight hours to drench your thirsty skin.

Despite the results, my favourite thing about the Sleeping Mask is the unique sensorial aspect of it. The ice-blue water-jelly is a cooling, refreshing treat. The aqueous gel-fluid feels so light on the skin and has a sweet fruity scent that I just love.

When you wash it off in the morning, skin feels plump, smooth and intensely quenched, which I will never tire of.

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9. The Anti-Itch Reliever

Uriage Xemose Anti Itch Soothing Oil Balm in a review of best selling uriage products

How to use Uriage Xemose Soothing Oil Balm: Massage onto areas of discomfort or atopy to clean, dry skin.

Many of us here at Escentual struggle with eczema. I’m one of the lucky ones in that my eczema is quite mild and only flares-up during stressful periods of time. However, my partner struggles with it really badly and gets sore, irritated skin and he’s terrible for scratching it.
I always tell him that scratching his eczema will make it worse, and although it’s difficult it’s the only way it’ll get better. Do you think he listens? I’ll leave you to answer that for yourself…

But, that’s why I love the Xemose Oil Balm, it quickly quells the itching sensations. Now, he reaches for that and resists the urge to scratch as the Xemose cream is packed with emollients to deeply nourish and comfort the skin and can prevent the recurrence for itchy sensations for up to 48 hours!

Even better? It can be used by the whole family too. The super gentle yet powerful formula is ideal from babies to old age as eczema can occur at any age.

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10. The Intimate Essential

Uriage Gyn-8 Intimate Hygiene Soothing Cleansing Gel in a review of best selling uriage products

How to use Uriage Gyn-8 Intimate Hygiene Soothing Cleansing Gel: Use if you’re experiencing irritation “down there”. Lather with water and apply to the area, then rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Post: I don’t know about you, but I feel like intimate hygiene isn’t something that’s spoken about very often – and that’s not right. Taking care of our bodies – every part of our bodies – is so important to stay healthy, hygienic and comfortable.

If you’re experiencing irritation or itchiness in your private area, not only is it almost unbearable, but it can also be difficult to know where to turn to; some people might feel embarrassed asking, which is where the Gyn-8 Intimate Cleansing Gel comes in.

This soothing, intimate hygiene wash will soothe your intimate area using an ultra-gentle soap-free cleansing base to comfort and relieve any discomfort or burning sensations.

I’m often quite hesitant to try products “down-there” as I’m incredibly sensitive, especially when using new and unfamiliar products that can upset the pH balance. I gave the Cleansing Gel a go for the good of the cause, fully expecting to come away with a water infection, but I was pleasantly surprised. Well, more than surprised. It’s the first intimate wash I’ve used that’s not irritated or upset me.

The soap-free formula has irreproachable tolerance, and doesn’t affect the pH balance but very quickly restores it. The soothing fluid gel gently cleanses while relieving sensations of discomfort.

If, like me, you struggle with sensitivity and bouts of pesky thrush, this is one you’re going to want to keep in your bathroom cupboard.

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