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I’m terrible at keeping secrets; I’m one of those people who tells friends and family what I’ve bought them for their birthday because I can’t contain my excitement! So, it feels incredibly fitting that I’m unveiling our latest brand launch, Parfums de Marly, a high-end niche perfumery brand that I can’t keep to myself.

Parfums de Marly marries the style and opulence of the 18th-century French court with bold, unique fragrances, creating a breathtaking collection that makes you feel like royalty. A relative newcomer to the world of perfumery, Parfums de Marly was founded by Julien Sprecher in 2009. But in just over a decade, Sprecher has crafted a fragrance wardrobe that feels just as captivating as the royal courts that inspired him.

Julien Sprecher is heavily influenced by the palace and gardens of Versailles, which is near to where he was born and raised. Even the brand name was inspired by Château de Marly, a residence of French nobility with unrivalled elegance.

If you’re desperate to know more about the brand, you’re in luck; I’m going to let you in on the secret and reveal all you need to know about a select few Parfums de Marly fragrances…


1. The Floral Icon

Parfums de marly guide: Delina Eau de Parfum Spray

Fragrance Family: Woody-floral.

What Delina Smells Like: To me, Delina Eau de Parfum feels like crushed petals in the palm of your hand. It’s sweet, pretty, very floral and – to me – it’s highly feminine. It starts with a blend of fruity notes – lychee, rhubarb and bergamot, nuanced with a sprinkling of nutmeg – but it’s very floral from the start.

The heart is just like a floral bouquet that’s been squeezed into a perfume bottle, thanks to a blend of peony, lily of the valley and cosy vanilla – alongside a heavy Turkish rose note. To round off the composition, a sensual and indulgent but comforting base of cashmeran, musk and vetiver emerge.

About The Bottle: Delina is utterly elegant, so it’s incredibly fitting that it has a bottle to match. It’s subtly understated with its delicate pink hues, but still feels luxurious and classy thanks to its curved bottle, tassel and jewel-studded silver top.

Is It Unisex? Although I’m a huge advocate of wearing whatever fragrance you like – no matter who it’s marketed at – I would say this is a more traditionally feminine fragrance.

How Long Does It Last? For me, Delina massively surpasses the standard four to a six-hour time frame of an Eau de Parfum. Personally, the fragrance lasted double that time; I spritzed it on my wrist early afternoon and could still smell it on my wrist at around 11pm!

Why It’s Worth Knowing About: Delina is up there as one of my absolute favourite Parfums de Marly scents; it’s pretty, soft and elegant, and yet still somehow seductive, long-lasting and mysterious all at once. And it’s not just me who’s fallen for this scent: it’s so well-loved that Parfums de Marly have released several scented skincare products – from an ultra-luxe body cream to a swish-worthy hair mist. The ancillary range is infused with the same sensual, floral scent to allow for a true moment of indulgence.

Parfums de Marly Delina Eau de Parfum Review

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2. The Unisex Star

 Parfums de Marly guide and review of Layton Eau de Parfum Spray

Fragrance Family: Amber-floral.

What Layton Smells Like: At first, Layton Eau de Parfum feels lively and fresh as sweet juicy apple, and bright bergamot are nuanced by aromatic lavender. The heart blends a trio of flowers – jasmine, violet and geranium – for a subtly elegant touch. At the same time, the seductive base of creamy vanilla, pepper, earthy patchouli and guaiac wood offers a masculine undercurrent to the scent, especially as it’s warmed through with a splash of caramelised coffee.

About The Bottle: The smooth, sleek and deep blue weighted bottle is adorned with the Parfums de Marly motif, an elegant design that pays homage to the Chevaux de Marly – a pair of marble sculptures that were commissioned by Louis XV of France in 1743.

Is It Unisex? Layton is on the more traditionally masculine side, but the floral heart and gourmand coffee-vanilla base make it universally appealing.

How Long Does It Last? It’s another long-lasting Parfums de Marly fragrance; I sprayed it at around 9:30 a.m. and could still smell it that evening. It dries down to a lingering creamy woodiness that’s seductive and addictive; I would get wafts of it every time I moved.

Why It’s Worth Knowing About: When describing Layton, expert perfumer, Hamid Merati-Kashani, imagined an aromatic fragrance cascading from the royal fountains of France, while surrounded by racehorses. It’s an incredibly unique inspiration that stays true to Parfums de Marly’s love of France.

Parfums de Marly Layton Eau de Parfum Review

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3. The Pedigree Perfume

Parfums de Marly review of Cassili Eau de Parfum Spray

Fragrance Family: Fruity-floral with woody facets.

What Cassili Smells Like: Cassili is sweet, sparkly and luminous. To me, it feels like I’m sipping a fruity, bubbly cocktail while surrounded by flowers on the French Riviera on a late summer’s evening – not that I’ve had the luxury of that experience, but I can dare to dream!

The fragrance starts with a blend of sunkissed red currants, Bulgarian rose and transparent white flowers for a crisp but sweet tone. The heart is centred around a sparkling, almost-green plum note, alongside mimosa, plumeria and petalia for a tender, elegant feel before the base warms on the skin to leave an addictive, cosy but sensual scent – all thanks to the rich, creamy notes of sandalwood, tonka beans and vanilla pod.

About The Bottle: Cassili Eau de Parfum has a similar curved bottle to the rest of Parfums de Marly’s female fragrances, and has a pretty pastel peach shade that adds to the fruity-floral, cocktail theme in my mind!

Is It Unisex? Cassili is a typically feminine fragrance as it’s heavily centred around sweet fruits and florals.

How Long Does It Last? Like many Parfums de Marly fragrances, Cassili is very long-lasting; it does mellow more than some of their other fragrances, but you can still smell it six to eight hours later.

Why It’s Worth Knowing About: Cassili has a stunning sparkling plum note – what’s more, it’s an exclusive accord that took no less than five years to master, showing Parfums de Marly’s dedication to the fragrance. If you’re looking for a light, sparkly and playful fragrance, this would be my recommendation.

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4. The Must-Have Masculine

Parfums de Marly review of Godolphin Eau de Parfum Spray

Fragrance Family: Woody-chypre.

What Godolphin Smells Like: If you asked me to name a fragrance that defines refinement, I’d have to say Godolphin. It’s a complex fragrance but still feels surprisingly elegant on the skin; it’s a scent you can wear with ease, whatever the time of day.

It opens with an opulent blend of thyme, saffron and cypress, which to me, creates a resinous, pine-like feel with a subtle, sweet undertone. The floral heart unfolds with rose, iris and jasmine before the sensual tones of white cedarwood, vetiver, musk, amber and vanilla warm on the skin.

About The Bottle: Nothing says luxury quite like gold. Adorned with the Parfums de Marly emblem, the metallic-finish flacon would adorn any dresser or bedside table.

Is It Unisex? This sophisticated scent might, to some, feel like more of a masculine fragrance, although I’ve fallen for its slightly sweet, suave aroma; I think all genders would enjoy wearing this fragrance.

How Long Does It Last? Of course, it’s Parfums de Marly, which means that its longevity is undeniably impressive! For me, I could still smell its cosy base after a full day’s wear.

Why It’s Worth Knowing About: Of all the Parfums de Marly fragrances that are deemed unisex, this is one of my personal favourites. It feels different to a lot of other scents I’ve tried, and I love how it blends typically powerful notes with absolute finesse.

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5. The Indulgent Aroma

Parfums de Marly review of Athalia Eau de Parfum Spray

Fragrance Family: Woody-musky.

What Athalia Smells Like: Athalia Eau de Parfum feels very indulgent and opulent to me; it’s the kind of fragrance I would buy myself at Christmas! As a fragrance for women, it makes quite a bold statement when you first spray it, thanks to sharp bitter orange and warm, smoky and almost-spicy incense.

But it mellows beautifully to reveal a more traditionally floral heart of orange blossom, powdery iris and cosy cashmeran, creating a heady but elegant floral feel. Finally, the base of musk, vanilla and amber make for a warm, enveloping and sensual final flourish.

About The Bottle: Athalia’s flacon is a deep charcoal black shade that perfectly represents the luxe, opulent feel of the fragrance. I love the addition of the midnight-black tassel and the jewel-encrusted golden top.

Is It Unisex? Athalia does feel like a more feminine scent as the floral notes take hold; however, the top and base notes could easily be enjoyed by all genders.

How Long Does It Last? Athalia far surpassed the six-hour mark for me; personally, it lasted all day – I could still smell it when I got into bed.

Why It’s Worth Knowing About: Athalia feels very different from the other female fragrances in this edit. Although it admittedly softens as it settles, it makes an initially bold statement with incense and bitter orange – a duo that wowed me in a good way.

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6. The Stand Out Scent

Parfums de Marly review of Galloway Eau de Parfum Spray

Fragrance Family: Citrus-aromatic.

What Galloway Smells Like: Galloway Eau de Parfum smells like a handful of herbs and spices thrown over a cocktail of sharp fruits. It opens with a zingy, electric blend of citrus and peppery notes, creating a revitalising feel as you first breathe it in. The heart blends powdery iris and orange blossom cleverly – so it doesn’t feel too feminine or too masculine – before the warm and seductive base of musk, amber and sandalwood linger.

About The Bottle: Of all the Parfums de Marly bottles, the smooth white bottle of Galloway surprised me the most; I expected a clean, crisp and airy scent, instead of the insanely confident, attention-grabbing blend of citrus and spice that Galloway opens with. But I like that it surprises you; it’s the fragrance equivalent of the old adage, ‘do not trust a book by its cover’.

Is It Unisex? To me, Galloway errs more towards the masculine side; however, it could easily be worn by anyone who likes energetic, citrusy scents.

How Long Does It Last? Galloway is incredibly long-lasting; I could still make out a subdued version of its scent at the end of the day after spraying it mid-morning.

Why It’s Worth Knowing About: Many of the fragrances I’ve delved into in this edit are typically centred around floral, woody or fruity facets, so I love how much Galloway stands out as a citrus-heavy scent.

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7. The Strong Signature

Parfums de Marly Pegasus review Eau de Parfum Spray

Fragrance Family: Woody-amber.

What Pegasus Smells Like: Pegasus is known for its unrivalled structure of fern warmed by sweet vanilla and creamy almond. The intense scent blends fresh cypress with spicy-floral bergamot in the opening, while almond-like heliotrope subtly hints at the gourmand’s heart. Nutty almond dominates its core alongside floral tones of jasmine and lavender.

Finally, the warm and addictive base of vanilla, amber and sandalwood are revealed. The deliciously indulgent vanilla note has the same nostalgic feel as a bowl of ice cream but taken to the next level; it’s the equivalent of a Michelin Star vanilla gelato.

About The Bottle: Everything about Pegasus’ bottle honours Parfum de Marly’s brand heritage. Featuring the two rearing horses that true fans of the brand will know and recognise, the reflective, silver flacon appeals to all genders.

Is It Unisex? Although Pegasus feels more traditionally masculine at times – it’s the perfect signature scent of a man who appreciates the refined things in life – it’s also loved by women who enjoy more confident, oriental-woody scents.

How Long Does It Last? Although fragrances can last differently on each individual, I’ve been impressed by how long-lasting each Parfums de Marly fragrance lasts; and Pegasus is no different.

Why It’s Worth Knowing About: Pegasus is a Parfums de Marly bestseller for a reason. Perfectly encapsulating two of King Louis XV’s specialities – thoroughbred horses and perfumery – Pegasus Eau de Parfum captures a sense of class and opulence, while still honouring the equestrian theme that runs throughout the brand.

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8. The Reimagined Classic

Review of Parfums de Marly Delina Exclusif Parfum Spray

Fragrance Family: Amber-floral.

What Delina Exclusif Smells Like: Delina Exclusif Eau de Parfum has a lot of similar notes as the original, but it is slightly less sweet and more mysterious. Instead of the woody-floral and heavy rose tones of Delina Eau de Parfum, Exclusif is more of an oriental reimagining.

It opens with the fruity freshness of crisp, aquatic pear and lychee – with a dash of grapefruit – before easing into an opulent heart of Rosa Damascena, incense and vetiver. Finally, the soft base of cosy vanilla, sensual musk, evernyl and ambery facets envelop the senses in luxury.

About The Bottle: Delina Exclusif has the same pretty pink hues, iconic curved bottle, chic tassel and silver top as Delina – with only a small silver inscription of its name to differentiate.

Is It Unisex? To me, Delina Exclusif is a typically feminine fragrance.

How Long Does It Last? Like every Parfums de Marly perfume I tried, this one lasted all day; I could still smell its subtle, addictive and sensual base late into the evening.

Why It’s Worth Knowing About: By adding Delina Exclusif into the mix, Parfums de Marly continues to please lovers of all-things-Delina. It has a very similar feel to the original Eau de Parfum but with a slightly deeper, more intriguing and oriental twist. If Delina Eau de Parfum is your day fragrance, Exclusif should be your signature scent for the night.

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