Perfume Trends: Blackcurrant Fragrances

Fragrance Trends 2021 - Blackcurrant Fragrances

What do you think of when you hear the word, “blackcurrant”? Personally, I imagine a tall glass of Ribena squash; sweet, juicy and refreshing. You might not necessarily think of perfumes, but 2021 is set to change that.

This year has seen the launch of lots of new and exciting fragrances, which are all unique yet have the same star note running throughout them. That’s right, you guessed it: blackcurrant.

So, what does blackcurrant actually smell like? As a fragrance note, it’s a lot more nuanced than just “fruity”; it’s got a slightly animalistic edge that walks a fine line between sweetness and acidity. It gives perfumes a tangy greenness – and when blended with other notes, it cleverly balances the sweetness of other facets, thanks to its almost bitter edge.

As soon as I spotted this perfume trend, I wanted to showcase some of my favourite new launches from 2021 that feature this sweet, tangy and fruity note. Some use the bud itself, and some use the sweet syrupy nectar; in some perfumes, it’s the mere essence amongst a myriad of notes, whereas some fragrances are centered around its unmistakable juiciness. Each perfume I’ve selected uses blackcurrant in a different way, creating a wardrobe of unique scents that are different in their result but alike in their playful fruitiness.

Read on to find out more about these trend-setting perfumes that are sweetening up our virtual fragrance aisles…


1. The Zesty Blackcurrant

Fragrance Trends 2021 - Blackcurrant Fragrances

Fragrance Family: Citrus-Floral

Versace Dylan Turquoise is like blackcurrant squash mixed with sparkling lemonade – it’s zesty, refreshing and uplifting! This is certainly the most tropical of the bunch; it’s a true cocktail of citrus with blackcurrant bud giving it a tangy edge.

The sweetness of the blackcurrant is enhanced with the sharpness of lemon, making this a sweet treat that’s playful and youthful. A dash of scent-enhancing spicy pink pepper adds a liveliness to the scent, whereas freesia, guava and jasmine offer an uplifted elegant floral feel. Sugar cane-derived clearwood and musk wrap up the juicy-fruity scent, creating a soft sensuality that lingers beautifully.

Keavy: “Versace Dylan Turquoise Eau de Toilette is the scent of summer; the tropical, citrus-floral scent makes me feel like I’m featuring in a music video, sat poolside wearing a floppy hat and Versace sunglasses.’’

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2. The Boozy Blackcurrant

Fragrance Trends 2021 - Blackcurrant Fragrances

Fragrance Family: Oriental-Chypre

Rich, gooey and full of character, Si Intense is definitely the one that packs the biggest punch!

This full-bodied perfume starts with voluptuous blackcurrant nectar, which is delicious, moreish and mouthwatering; it’s almost like an alcoholic blackcurrant liqueur that goes down like a dream. Met with a heart of Isparta rose and aromatic davana herb, this oriental-chypre scent creates a captivating and intoxicating mood before the creamy and earthy facets of vanilla-like benzoin and patchouli give the perfume a seductive intensity. that wouldn’t be out of place on your most glamourous night out when you want to make a statement.

Kate: “Intense, voluptuous and sophisticated, Si Intense is made for fans of the original who want to take the fragrance to new heights. This feminine fragrance is built on the signature note of blackcurrant as juicy blackcurrant nectar is extracted from the heart of the fruit to take centre stage in this perfume.”

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3. The Rosy Blackcurrant

Fragrance Trends 2021 - Blackcurrant Fragrances

Fragrance Family: Fruity-Floral

Now this one is definitely the most blackcurrant of the bunch! It’s a crisp, refreshing and tangy sorbet that’s laced with crystallised rose petals. If you’re a frequent reader of our blogs, then you’ll already know this is one of my favourite launches of the year so far.

Olympea Blossom presents blackcurrant as a cool and refreshing sorbet, blended with palate-cleansing pear for an icy, fruity start. It maintains the solar-salty elements of the original Olympea, but this is definitely sweeter and juicier. It has a hypnotic muskiness that’s created by cashmere woods and vanilla, while the opening of freshly-cut roses enhances the undeniably sweet femininity of this fragrance. Olympea Blossom has a frosty effervescence that’s deliciously sweet and deeply alluring; I fell in love with it from the first spritz.

Caitlin: “Enchanting, charming and utterly captivating, the latest flanker to the Olympea family is just as feminine, yet sweeter and fresher than the original. It’s a celebration of elegant petals set against a bold and alluring backdrop that just exudes charm, femininity and sensuality.”

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4. The Sparkling Blackcurrant

Fragrance Trends 2021 - Blackcurrant Fragrances

Fragrance Family: Floral-Woody

GIVENCHY Irresistible isn’t as punchy a blackcurrant scent as some of the ones above; it’s more of a scattering of berries on a bed of petals with an alluring musky backdrop. It’s lighthearted and carefree, yet utterly charming.

GIVENCHY’s Eau de Toilette starts with a juicy and subtle sweetness as this fragrance uses blackcurrant as the opening note before moving on to an enchanting floral heart. The blackcurrant note is light and almost fleeting as it’s balanced by the earthy-woody backdrop of cedarwood and musk, with roses and iris providing a sweet floral tone in the middle.

Caitlin: “Irresistible maintains the fruity rosiness of the original Irresistible Eau de Parfum; however, the Eau de Toilette has a more easy-breezy and delicate feel thanks to fresh white tea and juicy blackcurrant notes.”

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5. The Musky Blackcurrant

Fragrance Trends 2021 - Blackcurrant Fragrances

Fragrance Family: Fruity-Musk

Initio Musk Therapy is an alluring and milky-musky unisex fragrance heightened by the sharpness of fruit – and I just can’t get enough of it.

Initio caused quite the stir when it landed at Escentual earlier this year, and Musk Therapy was undoubtedly one of the stars of the show. New for 2021, this scent has a clean and almost soapy feel to it as the velvety blend of white and pink musk give it an alluring and addictive softness, while blackcurrant is used to stimulate a sense of energy and spark.

Musk Therapy has a tempting sweetness that’s carefully balanced with a beautiful, almost bitter sour tone that comes from the collision of lemon with blackcurrant. These fruity facets are set against a backdrop of natural white sandalwood and elegant white magnolia. To me, this dances between playful and uplifting, while also being sophisticated and sexy. It’s like a boiling hot bubble bath surrounded by fruity candles. It’s delicious, inviting and ensures you keep you going back for more.

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