Clarins Calm Essentiel Soothing Emulsion Review

Clarins Calm Essentiel Soothing Emulsion Review

Bring instant relief and long-lasting comfort to irritated, reactive and redness-prone skin with the Clarins Calm Essentiel Soothing Emulsion, a silky daily moisturiser formulated with minimal ingredients and high tolerance to calm and soothe sensitive skin.


The Most Important Thing About This Clarins Moisturiser Is…

The Clarins Calm Essentiel moisturiser is a soothing treat for sensitive, weakened or fragile skin. It instantly soothes and calms sensations of discomfort while also intensely hydrating the complexion to fend off dryness. Skin feels instantly more comfortable and deeply hydrated, while the creamy moisturiser also works to diffuse redness for an even and more radiant finish. Plus, the silky emulsion works to protect skin’s sensory receptors to reduce its sensitivity long-term. What’s more, it also works to protect skin from external aggressors, like pollution.


What Skin Type Is It For?

The Calm Essentiel Emulsion is suitable for all skin types, but especially suited to those with sensitive, reactive or redness-prone skin.

Clarins Calm Essentiel Soothing Emulsion Review

You Will Love This If…

Whether you struggle with the occasional flare-up due to changes in the weather, hormones or lifestyle, or maybe skin sensitivity is something you’ve always experienced, the Calm Essentiel moisturiser is here to provide soothing relief with added hydration and nourishment. It’s also ideal if your skin is prone to redness or blotchiness.


Hero Ingredients:

Made with 96% natural ingredients, the Clarins moisturiser is centred around the soothing powers of clary sage. Clarins laboratories have derived a purified molecule from this anti-inflammatory extract, which protects the skin’s sensory receptors for less sensitive and reactive skin moving forward. The cream is enriched with organic camellia oil, which nourishes the skin, while the addition of organic horehound extract creates an antioxidant shield to defend skin against external damage caused by pollution and free radicals.


What Does It Feel Like?

The high-tolerance cream has a lightweight and silky lotion-like texture. It blends in effortlessly and leaves skin feeling ultra-smooth, soft and comfortable.


What Does It Smell Like?

The Clarins Emulsion has a very delicate scent that’s as soothing to the senses as the cream is to the skin. And don’t worry, Clarins Research only uses fragrance tested and developed for sensitive skin.


How Do You Use The Product?

Massage the Clarins Emulsion into a cleansed and dry face every morning and evening.


What’s Special About The Design?

The sleek matte white tube has a handy pump dispenser, which not only makes application a breeze but also ensures the formula is kept hygienic and free from contamination. The pop of pale blush pink ties the moisturiser in with the full Clarins Calm Essentiel range perfectly.


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