4 of The Best Travel Makeup Brushes

Model using real techniques travel makeup brushes

One thing that every beauty lover wants on hand when they’re travelling is their makeup tools. Whether you’re touching up throughout the day or creating a full-blown makeup look, the right tools are the difference between an ok and flawless application. Although you may be tempted to cram all your tools into your already fit to burst suitcase or bulging handbag, don’t; there’s another way.

Multipurpose, mini brushes and cases designed for travel mean you can have all your tools protected and in reach wherever you are. Whether you’ve got a holiday booked abroad, a staycation or you’re always on the go, there’s a tool to fit.

Where to start? Real Techniques have an exceptional selection of travel-friendly tools that will cover every step in your regime. These are our favourites…

All the brushes featured in this edit are made from synthetic bristles, vegan and 100% cruelty-free.

1. The Pocket-Size Foundation Brush

Model using Real Techniques Mini Expert Face Brush

The ultimate travel companion, the Real Techniques Mini Expert Face Brush is the ideal size to pack wherever you go. Not only does it have the convenience of a mini handle, but has the same full-size brush head as your regular real technique tools. Small in size but big on results, the short handle and firm brush head offer exceptional control to seamlessly buff out your base. Aside from incredible application and its size, the mini base brush is adorable and personally, the cutest makeup brush I own! This nifty pocket-size brush can be stowed in your handbag for any impromptu top-ups at work or packed in your suitcase for your next getaway, whether that’s abroad or a staycation.

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2. The Best-Selling Sponge and Travel Case

Model using Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge & Travel Case in a travel makeup brushes edit

The best-selling Miracle Complexion sponge and Travel Case are designed to keep your makeup application hygienic on your travels. If you already use a sponge to apply your base you’ll know that notoriously hard they are to keep clean. For times like these, it’s essential to use a case when you’re travelling long-haul, commuting or to store in your makeup bag so that it doesn’t pick up any germs or leaked product. Thankfully, this means the application is more hygienic and there are no more transfer mishaps on your fresh base from open mascara, eyeliner or lipsticks!

If you haven’t tried the miracle sponge you’re in for a treat. By far one of the best sponges I’ve used to date. Why? Because it’s so versatile; it can be used for wet for a dewy glow or dry for more full coverage makeup looks. Liquid or cream foundation, the latex-free foam sponge is a staple tool that every travel makeup kit needs.

Note: make sure you air dry before you pack into your case.


3. The Blush, Highlight and Powder Brush

Model using Real Techniques Custom Cheek Brush in a edit of the best travel makeup brushes

Real Techniques Custom Cheek Brush is the hardest working tool in the travel makeup brushes line-up. A born multi-tasker, this blusher and highlighter brush has three different makeup brushes rolled into one. The customisable brush head can change at a slide of a button to three different settings; slide up for densely packed for highlighting, a medium fluffy for blusher and once more for a full-size powder brush.

Slimming down your travel makeup brushes has never been easier. The innovative 3-in-1 brush will take up minimal space inside your handbag or suitcase, so you never overpack. Stored inside the handle while you travel, the retractable head ensures that the brush is hygienic and protected between uses. As for application, the thick handle and synthetic bristles offer controlled flawless application in every setting.

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4. The Must-Have Eye Duo

Model using Real Techniques Eye Shade and Blend Brushes in an edit of best travel makeup brushes

If you can only fit two eye makeup brushes in your travel makeup bag, it should be these. The Real Techniques Eye Shade and Blend Brushes are a dependable duo for eye makeup on the go. The tapered blending brushes come in two different sizes, one for buffing for large and another for smaller areas of the eye contour. Powders or creams, this pair will pack colour onto the lid and blend into the eye crease for a mesmerising smoky or ‘au natural’ look. Everyday essentials or makeup brushes for travelling, these compact and easy to clean tools will lay down glitter and matte formulas with ease for any occasion.

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