3 Best Couture Skincare Brands To Try in 2021

Best Couture Skincare Brands To Try in 2021; Givenchy Le Soin Noir Lace Face Mask

Skincare sales have skyrocketed in the last year. People have been spending more time at home and taking time to understand how their skin looks, feels, and how best to take care of it. With that, we’ve seen a surge of interest in couture skincare, the creme de la creme category of facial care.


What is Couture Skincare?

Couture skincare is, put simply, designer skincare; luxury fashion or beauty houses make it. Just like a designer handbag, couture skincare is expertly crafted and made with the highest grade ingredients and the utmost attention to detail – from the packaging to the formula.

We only get one skin, so it pays to take care of it. But there’s no denying couture skincare does come with a hefty price-tag, but for skincare influencer and expert, Emma Hoareau it’s worth every penny: “…this kind of product isn’t just skincare, it’s a whole 360 sensory experience. It’s the most concentrated form of the ingredients and often the packaging itself is collectable”.


Best Couture Skincare Brands To Try in 2021; Guerlain Orchidee Imperiale


Why should I choose couture skincare?

• Quality ingredients: They use the world’s very best ingredients, in the best concentrations, of which many are rare.

• Luxurious formulas: The textures are sublime and replicate a spa-like experience.

• Science-led results: Couture skincare takes years to develop and has undergone rigorous trials to ensure the best results

• Lavish packaging: The skincare products are beautiful inside and out; many are works of art in their own right.

Curious about couture skincare? Here are three brands that we recommend you should try…


1. Guerlain Orchidee Imperiale

Best Couture Skincare to try 2021; Guerlain Orchidee Imperiale The Longevity Concentrate

Orchidee Imperiale is an anti-ageing skincare line with exceptional textures and jaw-dropping packaging. At the core of the range is the Orchidarium; the orchid is at the very essence of the formulas as it’s proven to boost cell regeneration. Guerlain recognises the youth-restoring powers of this flower, so they have a dedicated research centre just for this flower alone. That’s right, one lab for all things Orchidee Imperiale!

It’s been over a decade since Orchidee Imperiale first launched, and in that time, it’s gained many fans, including Kim Kardashian. The reality star uses the entire line-up, with her favourites being The Eye and Lip Cream, Concentrate and Face Cream.

Incredible ingredients, indulgent textures (you have to use them to believe it!), and celeb endorsements aren’t the only reason to flock to this luxury skincare collection. Orchidee Imperiale skincare comes in the most impressive packaging; the gold and deep blue jars and bottles are embossed with the iconic Guerlain logo. All-in-all, they look and feel like ornaments you’ll want to display. It’s only fitting that Guerlain has made refills for this range, which is excellent for the planet; but if you do want to part ways with any of them (trust me – you won’t want to), all of the products are easily recyclable.

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2. Givenchy Le Soin Noir

Best Couture Skincare to Buy 2021; Givenchy Le Soin Noir Masque Dentelle - Lace Face Mask

Le Soin Noir is cutting edge, anti-ageing skincare. The range contains one of the sea’s best skincare treasures, algae, known for its beauty renewal properties. In true Givenchy style, the formulas contain not one but two types of algae – black and gold sap – which, combined, create the age-defying complex: the Supreme Alliance of Life Algae.

What’s unique about the algae in Le Soin Noir is that it’s picked at its peak to maximise free-radical protection and cell regeneration. So, in other words, its youth-restoring powers are a cut above the rest. The collection has every step of a skincare routine covered, too, from cleansing to moisturisers; plus, there’s a lace face mask that exudes haute couture!

If the high-tech formula hasn’t already sold this to you, the chic packaging will. Le Soin Noir skincare is almost too good to use; the bottles and jars are glass and feel weighted. Every last detail is luxurious, from the box’s soft-touch black paper that mimics the formula inside to the embossed ‘G’ logos that spans the entire range. Givenchy has ensured you can keep them forever too, thanks toa variety of refills.

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3. Lancome Absolue

Best Couture Skincare to Try 2021; Lancome Absolue Yeux Premium Bx Regenerating and Replenishing Eye Care

Receiving a bouquet of roses is the ultimate luxury and it’s a confidence boost for many people. With Lancome Absolue, you can experience that joy every day. The premium, anti-ageing skincare range contains French roses extracted with a high-pressure green process to capture a blend of molecules: The Grand Rose Extracts. The ingredients chosen regenerate skin and reverse signs of ageing so that the complexion is healthy and radiant, always.

The ingredients are just the beginning. Absolue’s textures are a key selling point of the range. From the cream to the serum, the quality of the formulas is unwavering, and you’ll feel like a new person after every application. If you’re anything like me, your skincare routine will take twice as long because you’re enjoying the process so much!

Similarly to other couture skincare, Absolue’s packaging is beautiful and feels like quality. The entire collection is dressed in gold and exudes luxury; refills are also available for a couple of the products so that your collection’s never without them.

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