10 Nurturing Figures We’re Following Right Now

10 Nurturing Figures We’re Following Right Now

We understand Mother’s Day can be difficult for some, so this year, we’re celebrating all of the nurturing figures in our lives. The English dictionary defines being a mother ‘as to nourish and protect’. Whether you’re a first-time mum, grandma, family friend or even a pet mum, these caring qualities are something to celebrate.

There is a fantastic social community on Instagram, where you can find bloggers experiencing the same parenting challenges, wins, and some inspirational content along the way. So, we’ve rounded up the top 10 nurturing figures we’re following right now…


1. Katherine’s Mummy Chronicles

Follow @funkesalami_

Positivity, glamour, and adorable matching outfits is a little snippet of what you expect from Katherine’s Mummy Chronicles. A page created to support and empower mothers everywhere, funkesalami_ provides the ultimate self-love inspiration from chic outfits to pampering evenings and inspirational quotes.



2. Triplets and Megan

Follow @triplets_and_megan

Follow the fun-filled adventures of this mum and her three triplet sons: Owen, Elis and Lori. Not forgetting her eldest daughter, Megan. The Welsh-based family give us a sneak peek of their active lifestyle and adventurous activities, whilst their incredible mum touches upon the struggles of breastfeeding and everything else during their NICU journey.


3. Elena Lucie

Follow @elenalucie

Elena is sharing self-love on her feed! Elena talks honestly about her single parenting journey, along with her life after losing her baby boy, including the grief that comes with it. We love her relatable and warm nature, as well as her openness on fears of loneliness and the responsibility placed on single parents.



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4. The Browns House

Follow @thebrownshouse_

If you’re looking for organisation inspiration and the children’s rooms of dreams, you’ll love The Browns House. Georgina is a mummy of two (third on the way) whose feed is filled with interior design tips, outfit inspiration and snippets of her family lifestyle.


5. Kim Style Me

Follow @kimstyleme

Kimbly gives us all the luxury fashion and beauty inspiration! Based in between Leicester, UK and Australia Kim, her husband Nems, and their son Ethan have a popular YouTube channel. They share weekly vlogs including family updates, cooking tips and lifestyle hacks, all whilst following Nems’ successful rugby career.


6. Caitlin & Leahh

Follow @caitlinandleahh

Caitlin and Leahh are a popular TikTok duo currently sharing their journey through IVF. They answer all your questions, from how they chose a donor to how they decided who would carry the baby. If you’re curious about IVF, their page could be a good place to start. You can also enjoy videos around self-love, relationships and mental health.


7. Liza Prideaux

Follow @lizaprideaux

Liza does it all! This mum of three is a go-to for interior design, beauty tips and the newest fashion best-buys. Explore her latest home renovation (spoiler alert: everything is stunning) along with some tricks she’s learnt along the way. Liza has recently taken on another cat mum title, and her British shorthair, Gigi Pearl, makes the cutest addition to their family.


8. Dexter & Marty

Follow @cheekydexter

Not all children come in human form and Dexter’s dog mum proves just that! Watch Dexter and his baby brother Marty grow, bond and play on the cheekydexter’s Instagram account. We adore their dog mum’s cute matching bows on ‘Matchy Mondays’ and the pup’s even cuter outfit changes.


9. Stephie Kent

Follow @stephiekent

Manchester-based first-time mum Stephie, delivers all the laughs and fun with her honest account of parenting. An advocate for anti-mum-shaming, Stephie believes in doing what you want and wearing what you want too. Not to forget, she also delivers all the glamour with style tips on the side (yummy mummy goals).


10. Sophie Family Travel

Follow @sophiefamilytravel

Travelling with a baby; stressful, tiring and expensive are just a few words that spring to mind. But Sophie proves us wrong with her family travel diary. Exploring everywhere from Paris to Dubai with her baby by her side, Sophie provides travelling tips for any parent looking for a relatively fuss-free holiday.


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