10 Best Hair Accounts to Follow on Instagram

10 Best Hair Accounts to Follow on Instagram


Are you lacking hair inspiration? You’re not alone! In 2022, 66% of women would like more support in finding the right hair care (Mintel, 2022). I’m here to help! I’ve rounded up 10 hair experts we’re following right now for everything from styling tips and tricks to advice on maintaining a healthy scalp microbiome. Whether you’re looking for wedding hair inspiration or day-to-day advice on maintaining coarse, curly locks, there is something for everyone on this list.

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1. Nandini Raww

Follow @nandiniraww

Nandini takes a natural and holistic approach to hair care! Her feed is a great place to start if you’re a beginner looking for simple styling tips. Nandini loves essential oils and is a big advocate of botanical-infused formulas; she often describes each ingredient’s function for your hair, followed by a list of product recommendations. If you’re interested in learning more about hair care formulas and natural ingredients, Nandini is your girl!



2. Leal Alexander

Follow @curlygallal

We love keeping up to date with Leal Alexader’s 6-year natural hair journey! Pushing for diverse representation in the media, she shares the damaging impact relaxing treatments and regular straightening had on her hair. A champion for embracing your natural hair, Leal often advocates for more education and reminds people perfection doesn’t exist – frizz is normal. Leal also wrote an inspiring article for Grazia, encouraging you to read.



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3. Catherine Tran

Follow @beautybycatt

If you’re looking to be more adventurous with your hair but have no clue where to start, Catherine’s styling tips are for you. Catherine has a hairstyle for every occasion, offering tutorials for back to school, first dates and more. We’re especially impressed with how many hairstyles she gets out of one claw clip!



4. Samuel A Bentham

Follow @samrascals_

Men, don’t worry; we haven’t left you off the list! Founder of Rascals Barber Shop in Newcastle, Samuel A Bentham creates the most satisfying videos of his client’s experiences, including everything from a sudsy wash to cut and colour. If you love a before and after and a fresh trim, you’ll love his page.



5. Holly Carr

Follow @itshollylc

Holly Carr’s hairstyles are a breath of fresh hair! Innovative, easy to follow and always chic, Holly utilises 10+ years of experience as a professional hairstylist to offer us styling tips, product recommendations and more. She shares her passion for radiant, sun-kissed and healthy hair, plus advice on how to achieve beautifully natural locks.



6. Keshia East

Follow @keshiaeast_

No Knot Co. Founder Keshia East developed an award-winning hair tool for waves, afros and curls, so it’s safe to say she knows a thing or two about good hair care. Keshia offers expert advice on everything from detangling your curls right down to DIY hair cuts. We especially love her curly hair recreation of Kim Kardashian’s updo.



7. Josh Lee

Follow @joshleehair

With over 17 years of experience in the hair industry, Josh is your guy for luscious, glossy and healthy hair inspiration. Owner of an award-winning salon in Cardiff, Josh specialises in blond colouring with a knack for creating a perfect bob with a fantastic shape.



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8. Amber Rose Peake

Follow @amberrosepeakehair

Hair Stylist and Barber Amber Rose Peake shares her transformative hair journey; she shows us how making small changes to your routine can deliver amazing results. One of our must-watch reels is where Amber recreates her favourite looks from Love Island. Plus, if you’re looking for tips on how to style your favourite ribbon, hair band, or clip Amber has got you covered.



9. Anise Sojka

Follow @anisasojka

Founder of by Anisa Sojka jewellery and hair accessories, Anise loves a statement hairpiece! Her luscious and shiny hair is truly mesmerising, and if you too have long locks, Anise shares step by step guides to new and innovative hairstyles that will amplify any outfit. I’ve personally enjoyed following Anise’s journey and watching her skills develop.



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10. Lauren Carmen

Follow @laurenncarmen

You always want what you can’t have, and in this case, I wish I had Lauren’s beachy, wavy curls. But curls can be a challenge! Luckily for us, Lauren shares her top tips for managing, amplifying, and embracing your natural curls. Perfect for hairstyling beginners, she shares ‘lazy girl’ updos that are easy to follow and often rounds up her favourite formulas and recommendations.


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