#EscentualMeets: Sacha Mitic, Co-Founder of Sachajuan

#EscentualMeets: Sacha Mitic, Co-Founder of Sachajuan


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Internationally renowned celebrity hairstylist and co-founder of the unisex Scandinavian hair care brand Sachuajuan, Sacha Mitic is the entrepreneur in this month’s #EscentualMeets hot seat. His career journey is one of hard work, passion, and many great hair days…

1. Where It All Began

Sacha was just fourteen years old when his love of beauty led him to start hairdressing alongside studying economics in his hometown of Gothenburg. “I started in hairdressing in 1978 and the process to understand the craft has been a path of failure and success”.

With ambitions to become a top hairstylist, Sacha set his sights on Sweden’s capital, Stockholm. He made the move, and it was there that his career reached new heights; he started working with renowned Swedish photographers and major Scandinavian magazines. After building his name as a stylist and his portfolio, Sacha moved to New York.

His dreams were coming true; he started working with the world’s top magazines, including Australian, Brazilian, and Mexican Vogue, to name a few. And the editorial work led to celeb styling and a base at Bumble and bumble. After many successful years, Sacha moved back to Stockholm to start his salon at the top of his career.


2. Launching Sachajuan

There was no ‘Aha!’ moment for Sachajuan. “This has been a long process. I never just had the idea pop out of my head”. Sacha co-founded Sachajuan in 1997 with Juan Rosenlind, a fellow high-profile hairdresser whom he’d met through a mutual friend. They opened their first salon in Stockholm, and by 2005 they’d expanded to five salons in Sweden. But starting a business with a friend isn’t without its struggles, “It’s challenging. As the business will change over the years, and your original perspectives and qualities won’t match when you develop. The challenge is to stay together like any relationship”.

In 2003 Sachajuan launched its first products. The inspiration behind the range was to offer something new to the haircare market – products that weren’t complicated. The industry was saturated with complex names and descriptions; instead, the duo wanted to focus on function, style and substance. Their launch was a huge success, which Sacha puts down to their deep understanding of the industry and that of hairdressers and stylists. “Using products is a part of a hairdresser’s toolbox to manipulate hair into different textures and shapes. Working in the salon and as an editorial stylist, the fundamental ideas grew on how I would like the products to perform to give consumers and hairdressers a toolbox that’s easy to understand and deliver control, not fail you”.

Fast-forward to now, and Sachajuan products are available in over 40 countries worldwide, with the US being their biggest market.


3. The Future

Sachajuan has had phenomenal success, but the brand has many great hair days ahead. “We want to continue to work and develop all parts of our offering to our consumers and partners to ensure we stay relevant and true to our message. That message is one of performance – the brand is focused on ensuring its products deliver the best results.


4. Business Advice

Sacha’s advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is simple: “Be passionate, persistent and patient”. He continues, “Do what you believe, stay true to your values, don’t think about money, and you will become successful”.
Recalling those who have influenced him over the years, Sacha said, “Ulrich Graaf was a leading mentor in my early days. He opened my eyes to hair cutting techniques, the international perspective of hair and the importance of being attentive to details. Regarding business inspiration, I would say all hairdressers and entrepreneurs who believe in their point of view, regardless of what the market or people tell them, inspire me”.


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