Antipodes Gospel Vitamin C Skin-Glow Gel Cleanser Review

Antipodes Gospel Vitamin C Skin-Glow Gel Cleanser Review

Vitamin C is the answer to dull skin concerns, and the new for 2022 Antipodes Gospel Cleanser is ultra brightening, correcting an uneven skin tone whilst feeling luxurious and lightweight.

The vegan formula harnesses the power of superfruit Kakadu plum with 100 times the amount of Vitamin C as an orange – the highest natural source of Vitamin C available right now.

As well as brightening, the Gospel Gel Cleanser has a host of anti-ageing and protective qualities; read on to find out about the incredible cleanser…

Antipodes Gospel Vitamin C Skin-Glow Gel Cleanser review


The Most Important Thing About This Cleanser Is…

The first step in your brightening routine, the sustainable Gospel Vitamin C Cleanser leaves your skin fresh and clear, with the antioxidant-rich formula adding a natural glow. The vegan cleanser also protects the skin against UV rays and pollution, helping to prevent the signs of ageing thanks to the rich dose of vitamin C that is natural and effective at evening your skin tone. The orange scent is energising and luxurious.


What Skin Type Is It For?

The gentle formula is suitable for all skin types looking for a brighter, even skin tone. Those with oily and combination skin will especially love the refreshing gel texture, but it is hydrating enough for drier skin types that are dull too.


You Will Love This If…

If you’re looking for a cleanser that feels like a pampering treat and adds a real glow to your complexion, Antipodes Vitamin C Cleanser is perfect for you! Gentle but effective, the glowy cleanser is also great for those looking to target the first signs of ageing.


Hero Ingredients:

In the natural, vegan formula the stand-out ingredient is Kakadu Plum – the world’s highest natural source of vitamin C with as 100 times as much vitamin C as an orange.

To enhance the brightening effect of vitamin C, antioxidants Vinanza grape and kiwi even the skin tone. The combination of antioxidants also protects your skin against UV rays and pollution to delay signs of ageing and add a youthful glow.

For clear fresh skin with fewer impurities, harakeke flax and hibiscus flower deeply cleanse for a bright clear complexion. Oily skin types will also enjoy oil-regulating benefits from lotus flower and meadowfoam which also replenish the skin’s lipid barrier.

Antipodes Gospel Vitamin C Skin-Glow Gel Cleanser review

What Does It Feel Like?

The rich gel texture is cooling and smooth, becoming a light lather as you add water and massage. Once rinsed off, your skin isn’t tight or stripped of moisture.


What Does It Smell Like?

There is a natural scent of mandarin and vanilla for an orangey spa feel.

Antipodes Gospel Vitamin C Skin-Glow Gel Cleanser review

How Do You Use The Product?

Gospel is the cleansing step you’ve been missing from the Glow Ritual range. When used with the serum, eye cream and day cream is when you’ll see the glowy-est, even results.

To use the cleanser, press the pump to dispense one or two pumps, then massage into your damp skin morning and night, rinsing with water to fully remove the cleanser.


What’s Special About The Design?

The glass brown bottle is classic and chic, looking beautiful in your bathroom with orange and gold accents. The pump dispenser is quick and easy to use, plus mess-free.



Antipodes is a vegan brand with a core value of sustainability. From the ingredients to the outer design, everything has been created in an eco-conscious way.


Discover The Cleanser In More Detail…

Keen to find out more about the Gospel Vitamin C Cleanser? Four Team Escentual members put it to the test for one month. Watch along to find out why we were so keen to try it and what we thought of it after 30 days…


Why We’re Excited About The Skin-Glow Gel Cleanser:


Watch Our 30-Day Review:


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