Meet Gallinee: The World’s First Flora-Friendly Beauty Brand

Gallinee skincare: probiotics in skincare

Not only is Gallinee the world’s first microbiome-friendly beauty brand, but it’s also one of the latest additions to our iconic ⅓ off French Pharmacy lineup. Curious to learn more about Gallinee? Stick around because I’m here to help you get to know them a little better.

First off, you shouldn’t be fooled by Gallinees’ minimalist design. Their science-driven formulas are anything but basic. Every product in their portfolio is tailored to your skin’s unique pH and infused with a secret dose of good bacteria to keep your skin and gut microbiome happy. Designed to help you top up your skin’s level of good bacteria from head to toe – face, eyes, intimate areas, hair, and mouth, included – every element of your body’s microbiome is covered.

Ready to join the microbiome movement? Put a stop to skin irritations like sensitivity, breakouts, discomfort, tightness, or stomach discomfort with these best product picks from Gallinee beauty…


1. The Soothing Toner

Gallinee’s Face Vinegar for best gallinee skincare with probiotics

There’s a reason why Gallinee’s Face Vinegar is a cult classic. The gentle toner helps to smooth skin texture and pores while removing dirt, impurities, and dead skin cells using 96% natural ingredients. This best-seller gets its natural exfoliating properties from AHA hibiscus apple cider vinegar while using prebiotics to help balance the skin’s flora.

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2. The Gentle Body Cleansing Bar

Gallinee Perfume-Free Cleansing Bar for vagina using probiotics in skincare

The Gallinee Perfume-Free Cleansing Bar has already earned quite a name, with beauty legends like Sally Hughes calling it the “fanny soap.” She’s right; its perfume-free formula makes it ideal for use in intimate areas. Although the cleanser bar looks and feels like soap, it’s actually soap-free so it won’t disrupt your bacterial balance, which can lead to infections and odours! The cleansing bar creates a soothing lather that nurtures your skin’s delicate community of good bacteria while removing impurities.

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3. The 100% Natural Face Oil

Gallinee Face Oil skincare with probiotics

In my opinion, everyone needs Gallinee Face Oil in their skincare routine. The 100% natural oil deeply hydrates your complexion, ensuring your skin is healthy and moisturised using a blend of only eight ingredients that are packed full of pro, pre, and postbiotics to maintain a healthy microbiome. Use it on its own, with a roller, or add a few drops to your favourite moisturiser.

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4. The Ingestible Mouthwash

Gallinee Mouth & Microbiome probiotic mouthwash for oral microbiome care

Did you know that your mouth has a microbiome you need to care for, too? You can do this using the on-the-go Gallinee Mouth & Microbiome mouthwash; now, using your mouthwash is as easy as sucking on your favourite mint, thanks to these easy-to-use tablets. The innovative mouthwash allows you to nurture your mouth microbiome’s resident good bacteria while giving you minty fresh breath.

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5. The Flora-Friendly Supplement

Gallinee Skin & Microbiome probiotic supplements for skin and gut

Gallinee Skin & Microbiome is the supplement for a happy and healthy skin and gut. The multipurpose supplement helps nourish skin and helps improve your digestive system using a combination of biotics to help you from the inside out. There’ll be no more yucky tastes when taking this supplement either – the casing is apple flavoured!

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6. The Glossy Hair Mask

 Gallinee Care Mask with probiotics for hair and scalp microbiome

If you love a hair mask for a pampering session, then you have to try the 97% natural flora-friendly formula of the Gallinee Care Mask. It’s made specifically for your hair and scalp using a skin pH formula that respects your skin’s microbiome and rice water, which has been used in Asian cultures for centuries as it creates glossy hair and healthy skin. The hair mask helps to reduce sebum so you can go longer between washes while keeping your scalp and hair healthy.

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7. The Anti-Dandruff Hair Serum

Gallinee Scalp and Hair Serum with probiotics for hair and scalp microbiome

The Gallinee Scalp and Hair Serum is the soothing choice for dandruff-prone and sensitive scalps. The flora-friendly formula is infused with prebiotics and fermented rice water to regulate oiliness, reduce dandruff, and calm itching, all while adding a glossy shine to your locks.

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