10 Fragrance Specialists Everyone Should Follow

10 Fragrance Specialists Everyone Should Follow


We know that finding a new fragrance online can be a challenge; in fact, 44% of adults found that not being able to smell a perfume delayed their new purchase. Well, I’m here to help! At Escentual, we have over 1000 detailed and personal fragrance reviews to assist your journey. And if they’re not cutting it, the fragrance community on social media offer ever-growing fragrance advice, reviews and testimonials. Not sure where to start? Here are the top ten fragrance experts we’re following right now on Instagram…


1. Clemence


Fragrance Expert Clemence is a luxury perfume trainer, so it’s safe to say that she knows a thing or two about fragrance. If you’re looking for glamour and elegance, you’ll love Clemence’s Instagram feed, which reviews niche and popular perfumes. She perfectly blends fashion and fragrance for a chic, Parisian feel. Over on Youtube, she provides popular masterclasses perfect for beginners diving into the enchanting world of fragrance.


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2. Dan


Soma Parfums Creator, Fragrance Expert and Podcast Host, are just some of Dan’s impressive titles. If you’re looking to splurge on your next premium niche fragrance, Dan’s Instagram feed is a fantastic place to read honest reviews; Amouage is a popular favourite. Dan has teamed up with three other experts to create Led Oderants, an entertaining fragrance exploration for those who love a podcast.


3. Matt


Matt has an impressive fragrance collection that has blown us away! Explore his reviews of some of the most iconic male scents with a few surprises along the way. We particularly enjoy his scent of the day series, where he matches his fragrance to occasions and the weather.


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4. Sopreye


Fragrance Enthusiast, Sopreye’s feed showcases the beauty and design of some iconic perfume flacons. We love reading her detailed descriptions of each fragrance; she covers it all, from note structure to longevity. Whether you’re looking to try the newest House of Oud or the most recent celebrity fragrance, Sopreye has something for every fragrance fan.


5. Elizabeth


For those dipping their toe into the luxury fragrance world, Elizabeth’s Instagram is the perfect place to explore. A blend of beauty, fashion and perfume, she shows that every fragrance is a piece of art, an accessory in its own right. From Initio and Parfums de Marley to YSL and DIOR, her feed is the point where fashion and fragrance become one.


6. Alexander


Product Photographer Alexander has you covered if you’re looking for an aesthetically pleasing feed that will ignite your love for fragrance. Delight your eyes with stunning flat lays of his collection or individual moments of each designer perfume and home fragrance. Although he doesn’t say much, his beautiful pictures speak for themselves.


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7. Olfiction


If you’re looking for a behind-the-scenes look into how your favourite scents are made, Fragrance House, Olfiction is perfect for you. Developed by Nick Gilbert and Pia Long, the Founders of luxury candle brand, Boujee Bougies, Olfiction always meets the brief, whether a scent for the FORD All-Electric Mach-E GT or Chipmunk-inspired scent for Zoologist Perfumes.


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8. Steph


Find the perfect scent for any occasion, mood or outfit with Fragrance Expert Steph. We love her fun and educational content, covering topics from how to layer fragrances to finding the perfect vanilla perfume for your mood; she will help you find your match. Steph even takes your favourite fragrance and provides recommendations of other scents you might like, watch her picks for Ariana Grande Cloud here.


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9. Paola


Follow Paola on her fragrance adventures! Paola’s page is the perfect blend of the outdoors and fragrance, whether you’re looking for a snow day scent or a forest-themed aroma. We love her use of natural resources to reflect the aromas inside, and each post comes with a detailed review, too – what more could you want?


10. Ricky


Love an unboxing? You’ll enjoy fragrance lover and reviewer Ricky’s Instagram feed. Filled with niche, affordable, and designer scents, Ricky has just about every scent you could think of . But best of all, they all come with detailed reviews and occasion recommendations. I enjoy his colour-coordinated fragrance collections – they’re so aesthetically pleasing.


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