Prada Paradoxe: Fashion Meets Feminism

Prada Paradoxe: Fashion Meets Feminism

Prada Paradoxe is more than just fragrance: it’s a celebration of being “never the same, always yourself.” With each spritz, Paradoxe invites you to explore the multi-dimensional nature of your personality, encouraging you to discover each and every aspect of your identity. As a result, it honours femininity in all of its forms as it honours what femininity means to you.

Just like you, there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to Prada Paradoxe. So, it’s time we dived deeper into this new signature from the high-end fashion brand to learn more about the story and style behind it.

Read on to discover how fashion meets feminism in Prada’s powerful new fragrance…


The Prada Paradoxe Story

The story behind Prada Paradoxe is nothing short of inspiring. It’s a message to everyone to explore the different versions of themselves – and to love every side of their identity. Inspired by the multi-dimensional femininity we’re able to express today, the fragrance takes a contradiction – a paradox – and makes it make sense. The contradiction I’m speaking about is, of course, the Prada Paradoxe tagline: to “never be the same, always yourself.” With Prada Paradoxe, you don’t have to fit into a box. You’re given room to change and grow. You can be whoever you want to be.

But don’t think that the feminist credentials behind Paradoxe are a marketing ploy – they’re the influence behind the very creation of the scent. A trio of master perfumers have joined forces to innovate and reinvent the classic feminine floral scent. So, with each and every spritz of Paradoxe, you’re reminded to live life as your true self.


The Fashion Influence Behind Paradoxe

Prada Paradoxe Fashion Meets Feminism

Just like the many sides of a woman’s personality, there’s another side to Prada Paradoxe that you might not see and fully appreciate upon first glance: the style behind it. But the fashion behind the fragrance is an important element.

Founded by Mario Prada in 1913, Prada has continued to evolve to become the iconic high fashion brand that it is today. Home to a captivating combination of classic styles and modern show-stoppers for those who aren’t afraid to take risks, the Italian brand isn’t willing to settle, and it certainly won’t be resigned to the past. Prada is all about evolution. Maybe the “never the same, always yourself” Paradoxe motto doesn’t just apply to us.

The 2022 fragrance, Prada Paradoxe Eau de Parfum, has emerged during the neon era of Prada. It’s launched at a time when bold fashion statements are being made: we’re talking striking asymmetric skirts, the reinvention of classic 90’s handbags and the redefinition of classic pieces with bold silhouettes.

And frankly, we wouldn’t have the Prada Paradoxe fragrance without Prada fashion. To start with, the coral pink colour of the Paradoxe fragrance juice matches many pieces within Prada’s ready-to-wear collection. The black design on the Paradoxe box is also a nod to the craftsmanship associated with Prada’s saffiano leather, found on many Prada bag designs. But that’s not all: Paradoxe also allows the Prada logo to come to life in fragrance form. The globally recognised triangle logo is an iconic part of Prada’s signature, making Paradoxe a special piece of fashion-led fragrance to own. Anyone who covets a piece of designer Prada fashion or accessory needs to have Paradoxe as a part of their own collection.


What Makes Prada Paradoxe So Special?

Prada Paradoxe Fashion Meets Feminism

Prada Paradoxe is an avant-garde celebration of all things Prada. The fragrance makes the dream of owning a piece of the fashion brand a reality for many.

But what makes Paradoxe by Prada really stand out is that it has inclusivity at its very core, celebrating the many different sides of femininity. The messaging is so powerful that the incredible activist and feminist, Emma Watson, is the face of Paradoxe. This is even more impressive as Emma Watson notoriously doesn’t participate in brand deals, so it goes to show just how powerful the Prada Paradoxe message really is.

You can read more about Emma Watson’s involvement with Prada Paradoxe below:

Prada Paradoxe: Emma Watson


Who Will Love Wearing Prada Paradoxe?

Prada Paradoxe Eau de Parfum

Now that you know more about the story and style behind the fragrance, you might be wondering whether this fragrance is for you. The good news is that Prada Paradoxe is all about liberation, so it isn’t just made for one type of individual. It has a youthful feel and a fashion-forward design and yet it has a beautifully timeless floral fragrance, so it wouldn’t feel out of place on anyone from a Gen Z to a Boomer. Ultimately, anyone can enjoy wearing Paradoxe as it helps you to express any side of femininity that resonates with your own personal journey.

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