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Chelsey answers most asked tom ford perfume questions

We pride ourselves in offering you the best luxury beauty, and now Tom Ford has joined our family; it’s the perfect opportunity to introduce the Signature Collection (Escentual style), while answering some of the most common unanswered questions on the internet.

You’re likely to be familiar with Tom Ford for his fashion brand. Think bold reds, cinched waists, tailored suits and huge oval sunglasses. But there’s so much more to know and love about him, especially when it comes to fragrance.

Mr Ford has played an instrumental role in making some of the world’s most luxury brands a success: Gucci and YSL, to name a few…


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About Tom Ford

Tom Ford Perfume FAQS

Get To Know Tom Ford Fragrances


About Tom Ford

Tom Ford’s career started in interior design. But, after realising his love for clothing, he went on to design for fashion houses, Perry Ellis and Cathy Hardwick. His big break came in 1990 when Gucci’s then Creative Director, Dawn Mello hired him as an in-house designer; four years later, and after Gucci was taken over by Investcorp (House Of Gucci will explain this better than I ever could), Tom Ford then became Creative Director. In addition to the fashion, Mr Ford gave us the fragrances icons: Gucci Rush – timeless – and Envy. I will forever be in awe.

Skip ahead 10 years, Tom Ford was announced as the designer of Saint Laurent’s line: Rive Gauche (the ready-to-wear collection). For fragrance lovers like me, Rive Gauche the perfume was also created by Daniela Andrier under the creative control of Tom Ford. During his time at Saint Laurent, Tom Ford also created M7 in 2002, which he’s more famously known for. It’s now known as M7 Oud Absolu.

In 2006, came Black Orchid, the best-selling Tom Ford fragrance ever created. Then, another 9 years later, Tom Ford’s creativity turns to screenwriting and directing films. Tom Ford’s debut was the Oscar-nominated, A Single Man. In 2016, he also released Nocturnal Animals, also nominated at the Academy Awards, which was another huge success. I remember loving the cinematography and thinking, ‘this is so Tom Ford.’ There is no limits to his success, and I can’t wait to see what happens next.


What’s something about Tom Ford that many people don’t know?

Tom Ford used to be a cowboy and still rides in his spare time – when he’s off the horse, he’s usually head to toe in double denim. Ombre Leather is a fragrance close to him as his Santa Fe ranch inspired it, which he sold for 75 million.

Tom Ford Ombre Leather eau de parfum

Tom Ford Perfume FAQs


What is the most popular Tom Ford scent and why?

The best-selling fragrance from the Signature Collection is Black Orchid Eau de Parfum. It launched when fresh scents were ‘it’ scents, and the likes of CK One, Le Male and Acqua di Gio were everywhere, but Tom Ford pushed the boundaries with this dark, deep floral and it worked. Originally, Black Orchid was designed for women, but after finding out how well it suits everyone, it’s now unisex.

From the Private Blends, Oud Wood is the best-seller. It’s a wearable oud that’s soft and long-lasting. Historically, the stronger the oud, the more powerful and rich you were, but the quality of the ingredients inside smell opulent and luxurious even though it’s more demure.

Tom Ford edit: black orchid was tom ford's first ever fragrance

Which Tom Ford is unisex?

Even though some Tom Ford perfumes have a feminine or masculine side, I can confirm that all Tom Ford fragrances are unisex. After researching why Tom Ford believes you should wear fragrances like art. A pinnacle moment came to him when his chauffer to the Oscars was wearing Black Orchid; when questioned by Tom Ford, ”do you know you’re wearing a female fragrance’ the driver didn’t care, and it was then the unisex direction came into play for all of his fragrances.

Remember scent is subjective; it all depends on your mood and personal choice.


What’s the best Tom Ford for women?

For women looking to buy Tom Ford for the first time, I’d recommend Black Orchid. This is because it was the first ever fragrance he for TF Beauty created; even though it was over a decade ago, it’s not dated; it’s become an icon that has sold over 8.2 million bottles since it launched, so you know it’s a popular scent.

For women looking to try something different, White Patchouli is a good option if you love white florals,  it’s blooming with white roses and lilies. Or if white florals aren’t for you, pick Velvet Orchid; it’s a sweeter, more honeyed version of Black Orchid, that was specifically created to be an uber-feminine alternative.

Tom ford noir extreme best fragrance for men

Which Men’s Tom Ford perfume is the best?

If it’s your first time buying Tom Ford, Ombre Leather is a great choice, as it’s different to the norm. When you compare it to current best-selling men’s fragrances, leather is its point of difference, and all ages love it.

If leather isn’t for you and you prefer something spicier, Noir Extreme is the best option due to its popularity with both genders.

White Patchouli is a wild card Tom Ford fragrance for men too. There’s something about how it dries down; the rose and patchouli create a softness that works well for all genders.

Finally, if you prefer to keep things fresh, choose Beau de Jour – a crisp lavender perfume – or Grey Vetiver, a smoky clean fragrance.


Does Tom Ford Perfume last all day?

On average, Tom Ford Eau de Parfums may last up to six hours, whereas the Parfums can last six to ten hours, depending on your skin and the temperature.

The amber woody fragrances, will last longer than a citrus fresh fragrance like Eau de Soliel Blanc and Neroli Portifino Eau de Toilette.

My recommendations are:

• Black Orchid

 Black Orchid Parfum

• Ombre Leather

• Ombre Leather Parfum

• Noir

• Noir Extreme

• Noir Extreme Parfum


Are Tom Ford Perfumes worth it?

Tom Ford fragrances are like a piece of art, and also an entry to try something from this iconic designer. His perfumes have stood the test of time and haven’t become outdated, so in my eyes, yes Tom Ford perfumes are worth it because they last, and they look and feel expensive.


How to wear Tom Ford perfume well?

As Tom Ford perfumes are designed to fill a room, the trick is not to be excessive when you spray them.

  1. Don’t split or rub the fragrance when you spray it; this can alter the way the fragrance develops and how it lasts.
  2. Do spray over your head, chest and pulse points. This ensures the key areas for people to pick up your scent are covered.

The tom ford edit and why beau de jour works well for summer

What are the best Ford fragrances for spring/summer?

When doing my research, I learnt that the lighter the bottle, the better it is for warmer temperatures. In my opinion, you can wear what you want, but if you’re looking for specifics. The types of scents that complement humidity and holidays are aromatic fougeres, citruses, aldehydes and anything fresh and herbaceous – they’re not overpowering or cloying, and they will give you the freshness needed when it’s hot.

I recommend:

• Costa Azzurra: Citrus-floral

Beau de Jour: Aromatic-fougere

• Eau de Soleil Blanc: Solar-floral

Grey Vetiver: Fresh-woody

Tom ford noir extreme eau de parfum

Best for Tom Ford fragrances for autumn/winter?

Again, the darker the bottle, the more apt the fragrance for the colder periods. Key notes of amber, woods and oud linger on the skin for longer. After testing the full signature collection, these are the most A/W ready.

I recommend:

Ombre Leather Parfum: Leather

• Black Orchid Parfum: Amber-floral

Noir Exteme Parfum: Spicy woody-amber

• Noir: Woody-amber


What’s Tom Ford’s favourite fragrance?

Rumour has it, it’s Mandarin di Amalfi as it’s a reminder of one of his favourite holiday destinations.


Get Familiar With Tom Ford Fragrances


What’s the difference between the Private Blend and Signature Collection?

The Private Blends have a central note, and the perfume note structure is circular rather than a pyramid. They are more concentrated in oils, and use more expensive ingredients (focused around the star note).

Fragrances in the Signature Collection last the same time but instead use the traditional perfume structure of top, middle and bottom notes.

They’re a more accessible price point, and their bottles are shaped differently because they are from Tom Ford’s first collection, inspired by his love for the 70s and perfumery. The bottles take cues from timeless art deco designs. Where as the Private Blend bottles are shaped more like chess pieces.


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