Proto-col Beauty Collagen with Hyaluronic Acid Red Berry Flavour 15 Day Kit Review

Proto-col Beauty Collagen with Hyaluronic Acid Red Berry Flavour 15 Day Kit Review

Proto-col is an award-winning collagen brand based in the UK that takes an inside-out approach to skincare. They offer a range of skincare solutions backed by science and supported by industry awards and leading experts. For 2023, they’ve continued to innovate with the Proto-col Beauty Collagen with Hyaluronic Acid Red Berry Flavour 15 Day Kit, a unique anti-ageing formulation that combines beauty and wellness in a tasty, convenient daily sachet. Read on to find out why you’ll love it…


The Most Important Thing About This Proto-col Beauty Collagen 15 Day Kit Is…

Proto-col Advanced Beauty Collagen Red Berry Flavour 15 Day Kit

Proto-col Beauty Collagen is a red berry flavoured collagen gel food supplement packed with minerals and vitamins. A blend of hyaluronic acid and 10,000mg of clinically-proven collagen peptide work to achieve healthy skin and fantastic anti-ageing results. The Proto-col 15-Day Kit contains hydrolyzed collagen that helps to slow down natural collagen depletion in your body to minimise the visible signs of ageing.


What Skin Concern Is It For?

If you’re struggling with a loss of elasticity, dullness and dehydration, the Beauty Collagen 15-Day Kit is for you. Its multi-purpose formula takes it one step further, boosting the thickness and health of your hair, too.


You Will Love This If…

By the time we’re 65 years old, we have lost on average 60% of collagen that contributes to the health of our hair, nails and skin. But don’t worry, the Proto-col Beauty Collagen supplement is here to help; it works to reduce wrinkle volume by 20.1% whilst increasing your skin’s elasticity by 15%.


Hero Ingredients:

The Proto-col Beauty Collagen 10,000mg as a source of protein and 18 essential amino acids. 50mg of added hyaluronic acid provides 1000x times its weight in water to give your skin a boost of hydration. Vitamins B6 and C help boost your energy, immune system and collagen formation. Whilst biotin, zinc and copper help to strengthen your hair and nails whilst reducing signs of pigmentation.


When Will I See Results?

Your unique body and lifestyle will determine when you see results. Clinical trials suggest:

After 4-8 weeks of supplementation…

•15% increase in skin elasticity
•65% increase in pro-collagen
•20.1% decrease in wrinkle volume
•18% increase in elastin.

After 14 weeks of supplementation…

•Improvement in hair thickness

After 24 weeks of supplementation…

•Improve nail growth and strength
•11% improvement in the appearance of cellulite


What Does It Taste Like?

The Beauty Collagen has a sweet, blackberry taste similar to Ribena and a pleasant gel texture.


What Is The Correct Dosage For Me?

This kit contains 15 days’ worth of Beauty Collagen; take one sachet daily.


What’s Special About The Design?

The Beauty Collagen with Hylauronic Acid contains 15 days’ worth of daily sachets. Each sachet is stored within a travel-friendly pre-dispensed sachet for easy supplementation on the go. Its unique helix structure of Bioactive Collagen Peptides travels through the gut wall intact, allowing them to reach and stimulate the collagen-producing cells in the skin and the body. The box itself is recyclable and made from FSC-approved cardboard.





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