Anna Sui Sundae Pretty Pink Eau de Toilette Review


Anna Sui Sundae Pretty Pink Eau de Toilette Spray


Pretty Pink by Anna Sui is the freshest floral in the Sundae collection. It’s a citrusy floral perfume that’s perfect for those who appreciate delicate daytime fragrances that bring a sense of fun while boosting confidence. Discover all the details about its fragrance, story, and longevity…


Pretty Pink’s Fragrance Profile

Pretty Pink exudes a girlish and feminine aroma without becoming overly sweet. The combination of sharp citrus and subtle peppery rose tones blends beautifully. Even though unconventional, the unexpected pairing of basil and cyclamen works surprisingly well. The heart note of bellini adds a sparkling dimension to the composition, creating a floral perfume that stands out from the norm.


My Experience:

Upon the initial spray of Pretty Pink, I detected subtle yet zesty citrus notes that oddly carried a fizzy and effervescent quality. As the freshness settled, an aquatic floral note emerged, evoking the sensation of dew-kissed spring blooms. Hours later, the silkiness of musk emerged, with the warmth of amber lingering longest. This scent harmoniously complements the lively aura it exudes.


Fragrance Notes in Pretty Pink

Top notes: Pomelo, Basil, Mandarin Orange.

Heart notes: Cyclamen, Bellini, Plum Blossom.

Base notes: Musk, Brazilian Rosewood, Amber.

The Story Behind This Scent

Sundae captures the diverse flavours of the typical Anna Sui girl. Pretty Pink embodies the softer and more delicate aspects of femininity, which is beautifully reflected in the scent. It’s not overwhelming; rather, it offers a subtly playful essence.


Similar Scents

  • DKNY Women – Similar citrus floral notes, with the herby basil in Pretty Pink reminiscent of the tomato leaf in DKNY.
  • Marc Jacobs Daisy – Shares the same playful spirit as Pretty Pink.

Anna Sui Sundae Pretty Pink Eau de Toilette Review Bottle Close Up

Unisex Appeal

While men could wear it, Pretty Pink is primarily designed for women.



I typically apply around 4 spritzes on each arm/chest, and the scent lasts about 2-3 hours, which is standard for an Eau de Toilette.

Anna Sui Sundae Pretty Pink Eau de Toilette Box Looks Like Ice Cream Tub

Distinctive Bottle Design

Upon receiving the perfume, it comes packaged in a fitting pink and blue ice cream-inspired box that could easily be mistaken for an actual dessert. Inside, the baby pink ice cream-shaped bottle is adorned with blue sprinkles, complete with a delightful cherry on top, akin to a genuine American Sundae.

Remember not to remove the cherry like I did, as it serves as the actual spray, adding to the overall fun experience!


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