My Life In Perfume, Keavy Slattery

My Life In Perfume, Keavy Slattery

Welcome to our series, My Life in Perfume. We’re asking our favourite fragrance fans to reveal all – from their first perfume purchase to their signature aroma; here are their scent stories… 

Keavy is the Communications & Campaigns Assistant here at Escentual, and she’s an expert in all things social media and beauty! If you’ve watched one of our TikTok videos or chuckled at our Instagram memes, chances are Keavy is the team member behind it! In this edition of My Life In Perfume, we got the opportunity to quiz Keavy on all things fragrance, from her very first to the next one on her wishlist; here are her highlights…

My First Perfume

My first perfume was Prada Candy Eau de Parfum. I saw the Prada Candy Eau de Parfum absolutely everywhere one summer and just had to have it. I spotted this bright pink fragrance modelled on a full page in Cosmopolitan magazine. It was also splashed over the adverts on the TV and plastered all over duty-free on the ferry to my family’s annual trip to France; marketing at its finest; well done, Prada – you got me!

For me, Prada Candy is my coming of age fragrance. I don’t own it anymore as the scent is too sweet for my taste now, but the slightest whiff of its toffee-like scent brings back many fond and cringe-worthy memories of my teenage years at birthday parties and special occasions (when I would wear it).


My First Perfume Purchase

Keavy Slattery My First Perfume Purchase - DIOR J'adore Eau de Parfum Spray

The first fragrance I bought for myself was DIOR J’adore Eau de Parfum. My mam has a big influence on my fragrance choices, and she wore J’adore for a time, so I took inspiration from her when I bought it. I was in my early twenties (I know, I was lucky with perfume!) and was looking for a mature scent that matched the changes I was feeling transitioning into adulthood. Classically white floral, sophisticated and clean, J’adore seemed like the perfect fit.


My First Mind-Blowing Fragrance

Keavy Slattery My First Mind-Blowing Fragrance - YSL Opium

YSL Opium was the first perfume to blow my mind – it’s so strong and distinct!). As a child, I remember walking to church with my mam and thinking that smell is so overwhelmingly powerful – she almost acted differently when she was wearing it. I wouldn’t say I liked it at the time, but I’ve come to love it and now wear it myself – maybe my senses have matured. She still wears it to this day, so its intensely spicy amber scent is synonymous with special occasions (when she wears it) and comfort because it reminds me of her.


My All-Time Favourite

Keavy Slattery My All-Time Favourite - Miller Harris Oud Eclat Eau de Parfum Spray

My all-time favourite fragrance is Miller Harris Oud Eclat. Released last year, it’s a recent and welcomed discovery and one that I now want to add to my perfume collection.

Part of Miller Harris’ Private Collection, Oud Eclat is made of only luxurious and unusual ingredients; it’s in the premium price bracket and smells like it. I haven’t smelt anything like this fragrance before, and it’s not your typical oud; it has the power, longevity and projection of oud, but it’s balanced delicately with green spice and a hint of sweetness. I’ve honestly never smelt anything like it before.


My Most Sentimental Perfume

My life in perfume keavy

Again, my most sentimental perfume is YSL Opium as it’s my mam’s signature scent she has worn since I can remember and will always hold a special place in my heart. I find the slightest whiff of it or spritz on myself instantly comforting and something that I can lean into when I need it.


My Everyday Scent

Keavy Slattery Everyday Scent - Yves Saint Laurent Libre Eau de Parfum Intense Spray

I wouldn’t describe myself as a religious everyday fragrance type. I usually save it for special occasions, but day-to-day, if I need a confidence boost and feel like wearing perfume – it’s always my YSL Libre Intense that I tend to reach for. I find its sweet vanilla, white floral and aromatic lavender scent sexy and sophisticated at the same time and hard not to love. Many would agree because Libre is the most complimented fragrance in my collection. Every time I wear it, the admirers ask: “What are you wearing? It smells amazing.” And I’d have to agree with them; it does!



My Favourite Brands

Miller Harris is my number one fragrance brand of all time. Their fragrances are unique and wearable, and the fact they are a British fragrance brand makes me love them that much more. They also created three of my all-time favourite fragrances: Oud Eclat, Scherzo and Lost In The City. Parfums de Marly and Initio are also up there with my most loved brands. Both niche brands create complex scents. Even though I don’t love every single one, I can always appreciate the quality and longevity of each scent. They are also home to 2 other of my favourite fragrance: Parfums de Marly Delina and Initio Oud For Happiness.


My Perfume Collection

Keavy Slattery Fragrance Collection

Working at Escentual means my perfume collection is hugely varied. We receive many scents to try, but I’m very selective about the fragrances I wear. I currently rotate between Opium, Libre Intense and Lancome La Vie Est Belle. But, if my budget allows, I’d be wearing Miller Harris Oud Eclat and Scherzo all day long as they’re my all-time favourite scents – so I better start saving for these as they are a little pricey, but worth it.

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