10 Wellness & Lifestyle Bloggers To Follow For A Happiness Boost

10 Wellness & Lifestyle Bloggers To Follow For A Happiness Boost

14.2 million people in the UK feel less healthy than before the Covid pandemic (2021). As a result, more people are adopting new fitness regimes, hobbies or healthy eating practices. But with so many trendy new health hacks, knowing where to start and sticking with them can be challenging.

If you’re looking for new ways to practice mindfulness or stay informed on nutrition and fitness but don’t want to pay for an expensive membership, a dietician or a spa break, social media provides access to thousands of experts for free. I’ve rounded up some of the best wellness and lifestyle bloggers we’re following right now…

1. Emily

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If you’re looking for yoga hacks to improve your posture and balance, personal trainer and yoga instructor Emily has you covered. Emily currently offers online and in-studio 1-1 classes at Studio Yoga London in North London. Whether you’re trying to concur a middle split and/or headstand or just looking to calm feelings of anxiety, there’s something for every yogi on her feed.

2. Nichola

Follow @nicsnutrition 

Nichola Ludlan-Raine is a Specialist Dietitian featured on major media outlets such as BBC Breakfast and Sky TV. She encourages healthy habits, not restrictions, through her guidance on her Instagram. She shares tips on reducing salt intake, finding healthy ready meals and settling dessert cravings. She also has a page dedicated to baby and toddler recipes for new mothers.


3. Vicky

Follow @youneedavicky

Perhaps fitness and food aren’t your things? Don’t worry; a simple act of organisation can help turn down the volume on visual noise and improve your mental health. That’s where Vicky comes in. With over ten years of professional experience as an organiser, she has shared her top tips in various publications such as The Telegraph and Real Homes. Now you can access all of her experience via her Instagram feed – my favourite is her guide to organising your bathroom products (which I have too many of).


4. Nicolina

Follow @nicolinaiacob

Looking for some UK walking inspiration? Nicolina has got you covered with her beautiful feed filled with some of the best views the UK offers. Be inspired to get outside in the fresh air and explore new places with her gallery of must-see destinations, including the white cliffs of Dover, Snowdonia and the Lake District.


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5. Raksha

Follow @reflectwithraksha

Bullet journaling is proven to promote organisation, inspire productivity and help people keep track of long-term goals, not to mention it’s also super satisfying. As the Creative Director of bulletjournal, Raksha has a few top tips and lots of inspiration to offer if you’re looking to start your checklist, tracker or calendar.


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6. Agi

Follow @equitness

Perhaps Yoga is too slow-paced for your liking, but you’re still looking to improve your flexibility and mobility? Pilates could be a great option! Agi Falenta shows us how to practice pilates from home with just about every prop you can think of – think fitness balls, blocks, foam rollers, cords and much more. She showcases her incredible recovery from hip replacement surgery, which is a true inspiration for anyone undergoing a happy hip journey of their own.


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7. Kellie

Follow @food_to_glow

Mix up your meals with Kellie Anderson’s low-sugar, low-carb recipes packed with lots of taste and nutrition. Kellie is a Professional Public Health and Cancer Educator, so we can learn something from her to stay happy and healthy. As a Recipe Developer, her feed is filled with colourful and nutritious meals to support your overall health and wellbeing.


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8. Adriana

Follow @wander.licious

Travelling can reset your body and mind; planning a trip alone can boost feelings of happiness and reward. Adriana’s feed is excellent if you need an excuse to book your next staycation or holiday. We love her humorous and optimistic take on day-to-day life; her vivid, joyful pictures alone are enough to brighten your day.

9. Alex

Follow @followthenap

Need inspiration for a good night’s sleep? And a laugh whilst you’re at it? You’ll love Alex Shannon’s mission to nap in the coolest places worldwide. Described by Insider as ‘the world’s first sleep influencer’, we love to see where he has drifted off next. His feed makes us want to hop into a big cosy bed and get some shut-eye – the ultimate deep sleep inspiration.

10. Mel

Follow @melgarside

Mel Garside, a mountain explorer based in Wales, shares all of the best views she witnesses on her hikes. Join her exploration of Wales and be inspired to take on your own walking challenges – it’s got to be worth it for those views…

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