8 Perfume Gift Ideas To Get It Right First Time

8 Perfume Gift Ideas To Get It Right First Time

If you’re anything like me, you’ll currently be on the hunt for the perfect fragrance to buy your family or friends – or, perhaps you’re on the lookout for a new perfume to pop on your wishlist this festive season…

But, with thousands of fragrances on the market, it can be hard to know where to begin. Luckily for you, that’s where I come in. I’ve scoured our website to choose perfumes for all ages and audiences, catering to different personalities and different fragrance tastes. So, if you want to be sure you’ll get it right and choose the perfect thoughtful perfume gift this year, keep reading to discover my favourite giftable fragrances for everyone in your life.

Oh, and once you’ve chosen the perfect scent, you can even choose our complimentary gift wrapping to make your fragrance gift even more luxurious – you can thank me later…

Fragrances For Her

With a mix of new releases and timeless classics, there’s a fragrance for everyone in this giftable perfume line-up – I know I’d be thrilled to receive each and every one!

The Glamorous Scent For The Shoe-Obsessed

Jimmy Choo Original Eau de Parfum

Jimmy Choo Original Eau de Parfum: Shop Now

Who Will Love This Fragrance?

As a high-fashion brand, the name ‘Jimmy Choo’ instantly attracts fashion lovers, particularly the shoe-obsessed. Jimmy Choo is a completely classic scent – the bottle is iconic and it’s well loved in the fragrance community, still feeling modern after its 2011 release. Jimmy Choo has an overall young, carefree and fun-loving style but with a grown up edge, perfect for those just getting into fragrance.

In this dazzling scent, juicy fruits meet sweet florals and yummy toffee caramel. Patchouli adds a slightly sweet earthy smell, helping the perfume to last longer whilst preventing it from becoming sickly sweet.

They’ll Love This If They Love That…

If they’re already a sweet fragrance fan with a love of florals, you may see Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb already in their perfume collection. For a more gourmand (deliciously edible) version, Jimmy Choo would make a fantastic addition to their perfume cabinet.


The Rose Fragrance For The Fashion Lover

Perfume present Coach Wild Rose Eau de Parfum

Coach Wild Rose Eau de Parfum: Shop Now

Coach Wild Rose Eau de Parfum Review

Who Will Love This Fragrance?

Wild Rose has been everywhere this year – it only launched in the summer! So, if having a fresh, modern and hyped fragrance is important, you can’t go wrong with Wild Rose. Anyone who loves Coach fashion – specifically the bags – will adore the overlap between fashion and fragrance; inspired by Coach floral prints, Wild Rose is finished off with a ‘C’ Coach charm.

Wild Rose smells like juicy berries and sweet flowers – rose and jasmine are strong floral notes, but still feel youthful. The fragrance also has ambery warmth that is cosy and sweet, but not too sweet, thanks to the moss note.

They’ll Love This If They Love That…

Wild Rose is a floral fragrance that is sweet and ultra-feminine, so these are the kind of scents they’re likely to enjoy: BURBERRY Her is a fruitier scent but with a similar link to fashion and floral scent, while Issey Miyake Rose & Rose has a similar warm amber feel.

The Floral Scent For The Avid Gardener

Perfume gift idea KENZO FLOWER BY KENZO Eau de Parfum

KENZO FLOWER BY KENZO Eau de Parfum Spray: Shop Now

Who Will Love This Fragrance?

FLOWER is the most iconic scent in the KENZO line-up, from the simple curved glass bottle to the poppy flower that is so distinctive. The powdery scent within has a typically more mature feel, that is perfect for a slightly older woman – though I must admit, I’m in my twenties and absolutely love the relaxing scent!

FLOWER BY KENZO is a powdery floral, which means the parma violet has a soft cosy floral feel. Launched in 2000, the scent has been loved for over twenty years for being so clean and fresh, with a timeless quality that suits any occasion.

They’ll Love This If They Love That…

FLOWER isn’t overwhelming, but sits delicately on your skin for an elegant yet natural feel. For those who love to garden or spend time amongst flowers, the scent makes the perfect gift. If you spot any powdery florals in their current perfume collection, such as GUERLAIN L’Heure Bleue or the slightly fruiter GUERLAIN Insolence, then FLOWER is sure to put a smile on their face. Alternatively, if your loved one already has fallen for the iconic original FLOWER, why not introduce some subtle spice with the new-for-2022 KENZO FLOWER BY KENZO L’Absolue?


The Spicy Rose For The Nature Lover

Luxury perfume gift Van Cleef & Arpels Rose Rouge

Van Cleef & Arpels Rose Rouge Eau de Parfum: Shop Now

Who Will Love This Fragrance?

For someone who loves to stand out and indulge in the ultimate luxury, Rose Rouge smells like a real fresh rose, bouquets lining the most opulent dance floor. Van Cleef & Arpels is a niche fragrance house, designed for a true lover of fragrance and for someone looking to gift a real scent treat.

Rose Rouge combines natural rose and rich vetiver with a hint of sweet cocoa and a dash of spicy pink pepper and patchouli – it’s spicy but not in a festive way, but in an elegant addictive rush. The niche fragrance has a simple yet chic bottle that would suit and decor and elevate any dressing table.

They’ll Love This If They Love That…

Van Cleef & Arpels never disappoints when it comes to fragrance, and those who love the brand tend to remain loyal – if your loved one owns any of the sleek glass bottles, adding to their collection is an easy win. Miller Harris Rose Silence is a slightly more musk rose, but with a similar fruity hint.

Fragrances For Him

Explore the scents with a traditionally masculine edge. But don’t worry if you’ve never smelt these scents before; I’ve listed some fragrances that have a similar style, so if you know your loved one owns any of those, they’re sure to love these!


The Earthy Scent To Gift The Hiker

Perfume Idea For The Hiker

BVLGARI Man Terrae Essence Eau de Parfum: Shop Now

Who Will Love This Fragrance?

For the man in your life who can always be found outside, Terrae Essence is the perfect scent. It has a rich earthiness that is warm and inviting, so I can imagine that anyone who prefers enjoying the great outdoors as opposed to being cooped up inside swoon over this signature.

First launched in 2021, Terrae Essence is rugged and earthy, but it also has a pop of citrus that gives this scent an uplifting sense of freshness too. Any nature lover will enjoy this scent, the vetiver-orris heart feels rich and complex and the scent within instantly whisks you to the outdoors.

The suave marbled design is striking and elegant, elevating any man’s fragrance collection.

They’ll Love This If They Love That…

Know a fan of Versace Eros? I think they’ll love Man Terrea. It’s got a similar zesty opening, but Terrea has a richer, woodier tone overall when compared to Versace Eros, which is particularly great for those long, dark winter months when they crave a little more strength and warmth from their signature scent.


The Leathery Scent For The Adventurer

Perfume Gift Montblanc Explorer Eau de Parfum

Montblanc Explorer Eau de Parfum: Shop Now

Who Will Love This Fragrance?

Full of charisma and charm, Montblanc Explorer is an energetic fragrance bursting with vibrant fruity tones and grounded by sensual leather and woody notes. A firm-favourite at Escentual, everyone agrees that Explorer makes the perfect grab-and-go scent for all to enjoy.

If you know someone always looking for their next adventure, Montblanc Explorer is the perfect scent. With such a rich earthiness, the scent feels both comforting and natural with a rush of adrenaline – any thrill seeker would swoon over this fragrance. The sleek black design also feels completely ageless, matching the woody scent within so anyone from their late teens up can enjoy.

They’ll Love This If They Love That…

Montblanc Explorer is often compared to the niche luxury fragrance, Aventus Creed, but Explorer has a more prominent rush of citrus before the deep woody notes take over. Montblanc as a brand is also rather addictive, so once they have one scent people tend to want more…


The Woody Wonderland For The Winter Sports Star

Perfume Gift Men Moncler Pour Homme Eau de Parfum

Moncler Pour Homme Eau de Parfum: Shop Now

Who Will Love This Fragrance?

With Moncler’s mountaineering heritage and their flask-inspired bottle, Moncler Pour Homme is perfect for those who spend their time indulging in the thrill of winter sports or seeking a pine forest to explore. It is sophisticated yet so easy to wear, making it a very giftable scent.

When you first spritz Moncler Pour Homme, it instantly transports you to a mountainous trail lined with pine trees, thanks to its cool woody tones. The scent truly smells like a fresh green forest, snow falling gently around you and ski-lifts gliding through the sky.

Plus, if you’re shopping for a tech-lover, they’ll be thrilled by the larger size 150ml bottle as it features an interactive LED screen – they can use the Moncler app to add any message you want!

They’ll Love This If They Love That…

Moncler’s pine-centric fragrance would appeal to someone who already loves woody fragrances. If you know they already love the rich earthy YSL Y Eau de Parfum or the Giorgio Armani Code line-up, they may just fall in love with the slightly lighter, fresh green pop of wood that Moncler offers – it’s an ideal day-time scent to add a burst of fresh forest air.

The Evening Signature For The Party Lover

Cartier Pasha Edition Noir Perfume Gift

Cartier Pasha Edition Noire Eau de Toilette: Shop Now

Who Will Love This Fragrance?

Pasha is a show-stopping fragrance, and a true party-goer would love the strength of Pasha Edition Noire, which enters the room before they do. Though anyone can enjoy any scent, someone in their twenties or thirties would especially enjoy the charismatic Pasha Edition Noire – it’s bold, vibrant and for the young at heart.

Fresh and green to start, Pasha Edition Noire takes a surprising turn as it welcomes in cosy amber and deep cedarwood. The powerful scent lasts and lasts, with a slight powdery tone amongst the sensual woody amber. And as the name ‘Edition Noir’ hints, the scent has a night-time, evening quality. thanks to the intense addictive warm resinous finish.

They’ll Love This If They Love That…

Pasha is instantly recognisable, but to help you determine if this is the scent, if you know they love Issey Miyake Nuit d’Issey but are looking for less of a leathery tone, Pasha Edition Noire is the perfect gift.


Over to you…

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