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Initio Psychedelic Love Eau de Parfum Spray 90ml


‘’Psychedelic Love is a creamy flower bomb of sweetness. Almond, vanilla and hedione have never smelt more beautiful paired together.‘’ - Chelsey, Escentual Beauty Team.


Why you’ll love Initio Psychedelic Love:

  • Studies show the star note of hedione is responsible for a heightened libido
  • It smells like a white chocolate bar sprinkled with rose petals and almond flakes.
  • It’s the innocent persona from the Carnal collection
  • It lasts longer than a traditional Eau de Parfum
  • The weighty purple bottle looks and feels opulent


What Does Psychedelic Love Smell Like?

Psychedelic Love smells and feels like a 'sexier' second-skin. The powdery aromas of rose and hedione soften the heaviness of vanilla, and the addition of almond adds another dimension of creaminess that feels comforting and seductive.

Top notes are bergamot and myrrh.

Heart notes are rose, patchouli, heliotropin and hedione.

Base note is vanilla.


Why it’s Escentual:

Initio were inspired by a ‘tender yet illicit’ persona, hence the name Psychedelic Love.

Another fun fact about this perfume is that heliotropin (a creamy vanillery aroma) is also an element found in ecstasy, but is completely safe in perfume.

Bochum University in Germany recently proved that certain fragrances, containing certain key compounds like hedione, can tap into regions of the brain linked to libido. Initio have made sure this perfume contains at least 50% of hedione for long-lasting pleasure!


The Best Way To Use It:

Always apply the fragrance to your pulse points, and Initio always advise not to rub it in; always pat it in to let the molecules settle.


The Sustainable Side:

You can recycle the cardboard outer case; however, the box and bottle will need to be checked with your local recycling authority.


Shipping Restriction: Only available for UK delivery.

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