6 Ways Clarins Have Made Their Lip Oil Even Better

Did you know that one Clarins Lip Oil is sold every minute worldwide? With stats like that, it’s fair to say that the Lip Comfort Oil has secured its place as a makeup icon. But for loyal fans of this legendary tinted oil, it can feel daunting when you catch wind of a reformulation.

If the thought of your beauty favourite being revamped sends you into panic mode (we’ve all been there), I’m here to convince you that there’s no need to worry when it comes to Clarins’ Lip Oil. I’m confident that you’ll love the new-and-improved formulation just as much – if not more than the old version.

But if you’re a true fan, I’m sure you’ll want to know exactly what’s improved with Clarins’ Lip Oils. I’ve created this edit to answer that question. Keep reading to find out what’s different about the new Clarins Lip Oil collection…

1. The Name

New and improved Clarins Lip Oil

The Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil has a sleeker, shorter new name for 2022. It’s now simply: Clarins Lip Comfort Oil.


2. The Formula

How has the Clarins Lip Oil changed?

The formulation has been updated. It now contains an all-new ingredient, organic sweetbriar rose oil, which joins the pre-existing actives, organic jojoba oil and hazelnut oil. Rich in omega 6 and 3, this new active brings comfort and nutrition to your lips whilst strengthening the skin’s barrier function, which is responsible for keeping moisture locked in and unhealthy bacteria and pollutants locked out.


3. The Texture

The oil stills maintain its ultra-luxurious side, but it now feels even lighter and less tacky for optimum comfort and pleasure. So, for those of you asking, ‘are Clarins Lip Oils sticky?’, the answer is no. I’d describe them as feeling halfway between a lip gloss and a lip balm as they feel nourishing without feeling really heavy and sticky.


4. The Scent

The scent of the old oils related to their names and shades (think a golden honey scent for the fan-favourite Honey shade or a cleansing herby aroma for the Mint version). But this time around, all of the oils feature the same scent; the fragrance reminds me of candied sweets – delicious!


5. The Design

The Clarins Lip Oil now has a more streamlined and sophisticated design. Compared to their earlier look, the oils are now round in shape and swap out the initial gold touches for a more elegant silver hue on the applicator handle. Notably, the writing has been removed from the side to allow you to see the oils in all their glory, while Clarins’ name now adorns the top of the tube, just below the applicator handle.

But the most significant thing about the redesign is the new-and-improved cushioning applicator; its large, comfortable surface offers precise yet speedy application as it hugs the lips for a sweep of sheer colour.


6. The Shades

What's Improved with Clarins Lip Oil: Clarins Lip Oil colours

And last but not least, the final key difference between the old lips oils and the 2022 update is the shades. We’ve waved goodbye to some Clarins Lip Oil shades, welcomed in some new ones and kept a few of the fan favourites (Honey lovers, rejoice!)

Let me break down the key changes per shade:

Fans of the original 01 – Honey and 02 – Raspberry will be glad to hear the namesakes for these shades remain. 03 – Red Berry, 04 – Candy, 05 – Tangerine, 06 – Mint and 07 – Honey Glam have disappeared as we once knew them, and they’ve been replaced by 03 – Cherry, 04 – Pitaya, 05 – Apricot, 08 – Strawberry, 09 – Chocolate and 10 – Plum.

Are you a fan of the old version but not sure which shade to opt for? Here are my top suggestions:


If You Loved That Shade, Choose This Shade…

Clarins Lip Comfort Oil shades

01 – Honey: As you’d guess, the best shade to go for is 01 – Honey. It might look like golden honey in the tube, but it has a clear finish once applied.

02 – Raspberry: This shade name remains with this variation of 02 – Raspberry offering a subtle pink tint.

03 – Red Berry: The old No. 3 was the most red-toned shade available, so the best replacement for this shade is 03 – Cherry, the deepest red in the current line-up. If you want more of a subtle pinky-red shade, opt for 08 – Strawberry instead.

04 – Candy: If you loved Candy, I’d recommend 04 – Pitaya; it’s the brightest and most playful pink in the range.

05 – Tangerine: The most coral-orange version of Clarins’ current oils is 05 – Apricot, so that’s the best replacement for Tangerine lovers.

06 – Mint: There isn’t anything quite like the previous 06, but if you liked opting for a shade that stood out from the rest, I recommend the good-enough-to-eat brown shade, 09 – Chocolate.

07 – Honey Glam: This time around, Clarins have decided against using golden glitter particles in their oil, so unfortunately, there isn’t a direct switch for No. 7. However, 01 – Honey has a similar undertone (just without the shimmer). Alternatively, if you loved the more glamorous side of Honey Glam, then go for one of the more statement shades in the mix: 10 – Plum.


Beauty Team Testimonial…

After writing all about the main differences between the old oils and the new oils, I wanted to reach out to fellow Beauty Team Member, Hannah, to see what she thinks of the latest version. She’s been using the Honey Lip Oil for over four years, so I was keen to find out how it lived up to the original in the eyes of a dedicated fan. Here’s what she had to say…

“I was initially inspired to try the Clarins Lip Oil back in the day when YouTuber, Zoella, recommended it. Since then, it’s been a staple in my beauty routine. I was both excited and a little bit nervous about the new version, but I have to say that I love the updated formula even more; the texture is really smooth and feels a little thinner, but it’s still just as hydrating as before. There’s absolutely no stickiness and I personally feel that it lasts longer than the previous version. I love the new shade variations too, especially the stain of colour they leave throughout the day.”

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