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Founded by Aliza Jabès in Paris in 1990, Nuxe blends nature, innovation and sensoriality to create ground-breaking skincare that’s both efficacious and indulgent.

Nuxe have developed no less than 45 patents pending in just 30 years, as they are committed to creating irresistible skincare for women - including the beloved Huile Prodigieuse®, which is now a French icon.

The research driven, sensory approach to skincare and beauty has placed them as a global group as women have fallen in love with Nuxe’s luxe textures and delicious aromas worldwide.

Nuxe: a brand whose name means Nature and Luxury.

From a young age Aliza recognised the importance of therapeutic remedies that are extracted from the world of plants, as her father was a research pharmacist. There are five fundamental qualities of the NUXE brand that guide her on a daily basis: nature, innovation, evaluation, accessibility, and sensoriality. Each product must include all of these philosophies in order to best provide performance and pleasure.

For NUXE the power of plants is infinite, as they are an inexhaustible source of creativity and in-depth effectiveness. To date NUXE have 32 patents in submission, a testament to the dynamism of the quality ingredients and the innovation of its researchers. A product is only launched if its safety and effectiveness are proven through rigorous testing and objectives carried out under dermatological supervision.

The products contain no mineral oil, no substances of animal origin, and no parabens. The original recipes are non-comedognetic and are tested independently in vivo and in vitro biometrological for their efficacy. Alongside this, NUXE continually contribute to the preservation of the environment in their selection of recyclable materials and a reduction of box sizes.