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Cookie Policy

We collect information when you register with Escentual and during the buying process. This information includes your name, address, email, credit card information and shopper preferences. This information is stored on secure servers, and can only be accessed by Escentual employees.

Cookies use cookies to improve your site visit, and allow us to personalise your shopping experience. Below are the occasions we'll use cookies:

  • Browsing - to help the site to remember settings for sorting and filtering products, and which products you've looked at previously (Cookie name: frontend)
  • Shopping - to allow you to add items to your basket - and return to them later (Cookie name: frontend)
  • Logging in - to enable you to log into our website, to store settings of past purchases etc (Cookie name: frontend)
  • Reviews - to allow you to write product reviews once logged into the site (Cookie names: BIGipServerprod-c5c-prr-http, bvgacefRatingsAndReviews, bvReturnPosition, ARPTH, token)
  • Sharing - cookies may also be used if you wish to share a product or a page via Facebook, Twitter etc. The cookies enable you to link through to your other external accounts (Cookie names: uit, uid, loc, user_segment, uid, uvc, psc, di, bt, dt, ssc, dbm, uss, ups, _atuvc)
  • Site usage - we also use cookies to give us data such as how many visitors we've had on our website, which products were viewed most, how you found our website etc. This provides us with useful data to improve the experience of our website. All of this data is stored anonymously. (Cookie names: __utma, __utmb, __utmc, __utmv, __utmx, __utmz)

Our cookies expire when you have finished your shopping with us, or 7 days after you log out (if you have an account).

Google Ads

Google Ads uses cookies to improve advertising by targeting advertising based on what is relevant for the user. They also allow reporting on advertising performance and to avoid showing ads that a user has already seen. This product collects and uses data using cookies. The data collected may be used to personalise advertising.

You can find out more about Google’s use of information here:

Cookie from External sites

External sites may also leave cookies to help track your journey. For example if you have visited from a voucher code or cashback site, cookies enable you to claim an offer or cashback that was promised. We may pay third parties to advertise on their website or search engines, cookie allow them to track a click on their advert, so we can pay them accordingly. These cookies may remain on your computer for up to 60 days. (Example Cookie names: ckid, mtrs, googid, ABTst, mt_awin-2991-100-uk, cksession, mttgt, uip, tc, uuid, lsa, ccv2, BX, VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE, use_hitbox, NID, PREF, test_cookie)

Disclosure of Information to third parties

As mentioned above, we may provide anonymous data by cookies, profiles and shopper preferences information to third parties who are affiliated with our site. We promise never to provide our customers' personal information to these third parties.

We never share or sell any customer information such as email addresses etc to any third party company.

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