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Gift Wrapping

Buying a gift?

Take advantage of our free gift-wrapping service!

We'll attractively wrap your purchases in high-quality wrapping paper, and ribbon and you can even include a personal message on a gift tag.

To add gift wrapping, simply select the option once you're at the basket page. And if you're short on time, you can even have the gift posted straight to the lucky recipient.

Please note:

  • Only in stock items will be gift wrapped, if there is more than one item on the order and part of the order is out of stock, the out of stock item will not be gift wrapped once it comes in.
  • We will usually wrap products individually, however if you buy many small items we may wrap these together as one item.
  • We cannot wrap any Hair Care products, due to their size and shape.
  • Gift wrap is not available on our "French Pharmacy" brands
  • Occasionally we may not be able to wrap other products if they are a difficult shape or size.
  • This is a free service and orders may not be able to be gift wrapped if they are large, bulky or contain more than 5 items. In these circumstances we will always contact you to let you know and see if you still require the order without the service.
  • One gift tag and message per order
  • Depending on the size and shape of the item(s) a gift bag or box may be used to "wrap" the order.
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