Caudalie is the first French leading brand to harness the extraordinary power from the grapevine in scientifically advanced, natural and glamorous skincare. With three worldwide patents - grape polyphenols provide 100% anti-oxidant protection, Resveratrol lifts and rejuvenates, Viniferine brightens and evens skin tone - each Caudalie product invites you to its intoxicating world.

Caudalie was created in 1995 with a strong ethos. Its founder Mathilde Thomas wanted it to be possible for men and women to enjoy ultra effective and natural beauty products with refined, luxurious textures. To reach this outcome, Mathilde turned to the naturally nurturing qualities of the vine.

Their exclusive patent on the extraction and stabilisation of grapeseed polyphenols is present in each and every formulation, and each product is developed and redeveloped in line with the latest scientific advancements.

Research underpins everything that Caudalie does. For more than 15 years the brand has conducted research with Professor Vercauteren, an expert in the study of vines and the University of Pharmacy. Caudalie invests 10% of their profits into such research each year.

Mathilde ensures that each skincare formulation is packed full of beneficial natural ingredients, without making a compromise on effectiveness. Caudalie's commitments to the environment are another key part of the brand. They make use of all elements of the vine, and ensure that ingredients are biodegradable wherever possible.