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At the origin of Topicrem, the desire to offer care for all the problems of sensitive skin by combining dermatological expertise and well-being.

As a French, family-run and independent laboratory with its own research and development centre and production facilities, the level of safety and efficacy requirements are second to none.

An independent health actor for more than 100 years, and thanks to its heritage in pharmaceutical culture, Topicrem goes beyond cosmetic standards; in particular with a pharmaceutical-standard control laboratory and pharmacopoeia quality water., to offer solutions for all sensitive skins whatever their problem, their age, their color, their lifestyle.

Topicrem is developing a unique approach to skincare, which combines dermatological efficacy with the pleasure of application, Well-Being Dermatology.

At the heart of this approach, the rigorous selection of reference active ingredients in dermatology of the highest purity, of natural or physiological origin, associated with a demand for efficacy and tolerance that goes beyond cosmetic standards.

Guided by the Purity of Active Ingredients...

Reference dermatological ingredients
recognized by dermatologists and presenting all the guarantees of efficacy and tolerance.

Purest active ingredients
Requirement on quality in the selection of active ingredients of the highest purity for tolerance.

Of natural or physiological origin
to ensure perfect affinity with the skin.