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No one understands nail and handcare quite as well as Nailtiques.

All products contain a unique combination of natural proteins and conditioners which promote healthy nail growth and take the hard work out of caring for your nails, hands and feet.

The real beauty of Nailtiques is that there are quick and simple to use products for everyone. Whether your problems revolve around peeling nails or dry, flaky skin, or you simply want a maintenance programme to keep your nails in tip top condition all year round - Nailtiques has the treatment to suit you.

Founded in 1993, Floridian company Nailtiques is made up of unique and innovative products that really work for your nails.

Nailtiques is dedicated to the development and upkeep of healthy and natural-looking nails. The salon-tested products comprise an entire therapeutic system that helps to transform your hands and feet every day, while promoting strength and moisture retention.

As all nails are different, the Nailtiques care system works to treat multiple nail problems with six specially formulated protein strengths. These wonder products contain hydrolised keratin and protein combined with synthetic gelatin and calcium to bond the nail layers together. This builds a strong and healthy nail foundation that is resistant to peeling, chipping and splitting.

With products made of the finest produce, Nailtiques do not compromise on quality. The specialised ingredients work in synergy with the natural make-up of the nail, so that the nail, cuticle and the surrounding skin is fully hydrated and conditioned.

The world-renowned Protein 2 formulation is highly lauded, and has been inducted into In Style Magazine's Hall of Fame after winning the same award for three years in a row.

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