Choosing your wedding fragrance

Wedding Tips

1. When choosing a fragrance for your wedding day, wear one of your favorites that he especially likes — this is no time for surprises!

2. But, if you’re determined to wear something new, be sure to start experimenting at least a month before the wedding so that you are certain it is a scent you’ll both enjoy.

3. Apply the same fragrance in all its many forms and layer it — starting with the bathing products and ending with your perfume application to the pulse points (wherever you feel the beat of your heart).

4. For an especially romantic effect, apply fragrance to the palms of your hands. From the moment he slips the ring on your finger…till the last dance…you’ll communicate an exquisite sensory message he’ll adore.

5. If you’re wearing fashionable sheer lacy gloves take a cue from Queen Elizabeth I and accent them with fragrance.

6. Just before you put on your veil, spray fragrance and surround yourself in a halo of scent. Then, spray the same fragrance on your veil to create a magical aura of scented pleasure.

7. Orchestrate your bridesmaids’ scents to complement each other — and you — for perfect harmony. Their scent should be in the same fragrance family as yours — oriental, spicy, floral, floral blend, green, modern blend, citrus.