Choosing Your Wedding Perfume

Wedding perfume

There are so many small but crucial details to consider for your big day; dress, veil, shoes, venue and guest list – tick, the list goes on! Although planning can be stressful, don’t forget that ultimately these little touches are what leads to an unforgettable wedding.

Your day should be perfect in every single way and the fragrance you choose to wear shouldn’t be any different. But, if you haven’t considered what scent you’ll be wearing when you say: “I do”, don’t worry! We’ve created a guide to help you find a fragrance fit for a bride or groom, and even included tips for your bridesmaids and groomsmen to make sure your scents all work in total harmony.


1.Wear your favourite scent

When choosing your wedding day perfume, a fail-safe choice is to wear one of your favourites that your partner especially likes — this is no time for surprises!


2. Wear it first, if it’s new

If you’re determined to wear something new, be sure to start experimenting at least a month before the wedding so that you’re certain it’s a scent you’ll both enjoy.


3. Layer

Apply the same fragrance in all its many forms and layer it. Start with the bathing products, and end with your perfume application on the pulse points (wherever you feel the beat of your heart).


4. Add a romantic touch

For a romantic effect, apply fragrance to the palms of your hands. From the moment you slip the ring on each other’s finger, until the last dance, you’ll smell incredible.


5. Spray your veil

A tip for the bride: just before you put on your veil, spray fragrance and surround yourself in a halo of scent. Then, spray the same fragrance on your veil to create a magical aura of scented pleasure. But, be careful as some fragrances may stain. Best test your fragrance on a white material before you try this to stay on the safe side.


6. Co-ordinate your bridesmaids and groomsmen fragrances

Coordinate your bridesmaids’ and groomsmen’s scents to complement each other – and you – for the perfect aura as you walk down the aisle. Their scent should be in the same fragrance family as yours so they don’t clash.


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Wedding perfume

Updated by Keavy Slattery: 15/09/2020.