Thierry Mugler Womanity

‘Womanity is the invisible link that binds all women together. Womanity is an expression of creativity and connectedness. Womanity will become what women decide, nobody knows how far they will take it.’ Thierry Mugler
‘Womanity is a thought-provoking name to describe the invisible bond between women; the positive energy created by their connectedness. Womanity started with an interactive internet site, an unusual and daring approach for a luxury brand but one that may give rise to a collective story written by women, a musical playlist by female artists, a new and interactive way to design fashion and accessories, who knows? Because Thierry Mugler believes that the more women connect with each other, the more creativity is released.’ Joel Palix, CEO


From the outset Thierry Mugler was intent on creating a sweet/savoury scent, a paradox that would inspire and test the creativity and inventiveness of the perfume industry. In the culinary world, sweet and savoury were already a great combination; salt brings out sugar and sugar sweetens salt.

In Womanity, the main top note is a burst of really ripe, sweet, fresh fig pulp, a fruity note but with that milky dimension peculiar to the fig. Next is the salty, mysterious, even leathery scent of caviar, a facet which is surprising – even a little strange. The ‘backbone’ of the fragrance is based on fig tree wood, a very different woody note that is neither dry, nor milky, nor resinous but astonishingly velvety and feminine.
‘Without molecular extraction, we would not have been able to produce three extraordinary accords. The fig fruit has little scent but lots of flavour which is why until now it is the fig leaf that’s used in perfumery. While salt does not smell of anything and we wanted to avoid using the all too familiar marine notes.’

For Womanity, Thierry Mugler designed a bottle that bears his signature at every level. The contrast of materials: masculine zamak metal and feminine pink glass. The symbolism expressed by the frieze: is it tribal and urban, medieval or technological, art deco or gothic? The bottle also represents the brands commitment to ecology and economy. Every size is refillable and the outer packaging has been pared down to the minimum and produced from recyclable paper.
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