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UK OSiS Ambassador Adrian Allen reveals the hottest hair this season and the secret behind recreating it in the comfort of your own home:

I love the new textures in this look. This season hair seems to have been ‘opened up’ and brought alive. This look mixes the sexy and powerful with the chic and quirky.

It is almost Hepburn meets rebel. Hair is always exciting but with the direction moving towards changeable textures. This seasons looks will definitely not be boring! In the salon we are seeing girls declaring that the guys fibre waxes and messy texture products are theirs this season!!

I love to see girls screw up their hair and shake it out and feel confident with what they are left with, and this is definitely a cut for those girls!

How to replicate this look:

  • To get this seductive texture on your hair, work some OSiS Grip through wet hair, start by pulling your hair away from the root with your head down, using a hairdryer.
  • Once you have dryed your hair spray in some OSiS Glamour Queen to add extra texture and support.
  • Then start adding some large heated rollers to the hair in different directions, one going up one back and so on and if you don’t have heated rollers use large curling tongs.
  • Once you have completed the whole head shake out the curls and if needed blast with a little hot hair from your dryer to soften the look
  • Finish with OSiS Flex Wax with a tiny amount of Thrill mixed into it to add extra sheen!!

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