Methode Jeanne Piaubert Speed Dieting Review

Written by Clarins’ Gold Salon therapist – Becky


I was extremely excited to be asked to trial the Method Jeanne Piaubert Speed Dieting product – as being….well how shall  I say… a little on the lumpy and bumpy side of slightly overweight!!!!!

I anxiously took this product home, and took it out of its rather basic, but intriguing, packaging and read up on its claims. These were that it’s going to wipe away any unsightly dimpling, and tone and firm the skin in just one week of use. There is a technique to application so not just a simple slap on and rub in – but it’s all explained on the leaflet inside the box.

Before starting, I did the usual ‘before and after’ measurements (but those details are my secret) – so now the trial begins!

The product is packaged in one handy sized circular tube with 2 pumps – one for morning use and one for evening use (the morning cream smell of mango and the evening smell of berries). I started using this product with great expectations – starting off with the morning application. The gel smelt beautiful and was very silky to use. I applied it, following the application instructions, and found that a little went a long way. I was worried that the product would take a while to dry, as products I’ve used like this in the past have stayed tacky on the skin for a while. However not the case with this product – I dressed straightaway which is great as there’s never enough time in the mornings anyway! I expected to feel maybe some tingling on the skin, but there was just a lovely aroma of mangos.

I continued to use this product morning before dressing and in the evening before bed – and before I knew it the ‘said’ week was up! Throughout the week I noticed the nice smell, its luxurious feel on the skin, and the nice shimmer it left. In terms of the results (I was secretly hoping for miracle inch-loss!!!) I measured the same as when I started – but my skin was noticeably smoother and softer.

This could be an ideal product for holidays, to give you a confidence boost before baring on the beach – plus it gives you the chance to show off the subtle shimmer in the sun.

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