Kenzo Homme Woody

A celebration of the organic relationship between man and the earth, Kenzo Homme Woody is a dynamic scent that is equally energetic and intense. Wholly masculine and deeply sensual, the inspiration behind the fragrance is the steadfast power, strength and serenity of the tree: an entity that, like man, draws its strength from nature.

The Kenzo Woody man is one who lives life without barriers or limits. He is peaceful, full of movement, depth and insight. Balanced and tolerant, the Kenzo Woody man is perfectly represented within Cédric Bihr, charismatic face of the fragrance. With his face upturned to the turquoise sky, the brilliant blue is reflected in his eyes. He is as quietly commanding as the tree: firmly rooted to the ground yet dreaming and aspiring up past the tree tops.

For him, the world is beautiful.

Woody is a warm and masculine aromatic-woody scent that evokes an affinity between the man, the earth and the sky. It is created by legendary nose Olivier Polge, who drew his influence from the mighty tree to create a true olfactory representation of nature.

The fragrance opens up with the bright, leafy greens of Mint and Basil, descending down the tree trunk to the all-encompassing warmth of Rosemary and Madagascan Pepper, before sinking into the rich and fertile roots of Vetiver and Atlas Cedar.

Harking back to the original Kenzo Homme flacon, Kenzo Homme Woody is inspired by the vitality of bamboo, one of nature’s marvels. This reworked version is finished in matte brown to reflect the trunk of a tree, and features vibrant engraved leaves that bring the bottle to life. When seen from a low angle, the bottle appears to stem organically from the earth, stretching up into the infinite sky harmoniously.

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