Make-Up Masterclass: An Introduction to Givenchy (Part Deux)

The Givenchy cosmetics range has been stealing our hearts away here at Escentual HQ. With its sleek packaging and covetable colours, we want to throw our old cosmetic bags away and pledge make-up monogamy to Givenchy, if they’ll have us.

We’ve had the innovative Phenomen’Eyes Mascara, £19.50, for a little while now. With its explosive wand and serious lash lengthening capabilities, it provides fantastic, high precision application for a panoramic lash line. Ground-breaking advancement in the beauty field is pretty hard to come by, so we were thrilled when we found that the rest of the Givenchy cosmetics range was just as breathtaking.

Givenchy is the master of the LBD – Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, anyone? – so it’s little wonder that they’ve formulated the perfect lipstick to set off their iconic designs. Rouge Interdit’s, £18.07, smooth texture, satin shine and luxe feel is as much a statement about elegance and sophistication as it is a gorgeously pigmented pop of colour. There’s a whole spectrum of colour to choose from, ranging from the subtlety of the Only Beige and Voluptuous Nude shades, to the vivacity of Fruity Orange and Shocking Pink. A perfect red lip comes in the form of Rouge Cancan, a sumptuous colour ideal for the glamour of an LBD.

For a dazzling lip, Rouge Interdit Shine, provides all of the nourishing colour of the original lipstick, but with a glossy, light-reflecting shine. Two types of pearlescent particles provide an intensely glittery, frosted sparkle that makes lips completely irresistible. Caring and moisturising with castor oil and beeswax, Rouge Interdit Shine is the sparkling colour that you can wear everyday.

Sometimes a matte colour isn’t the ticket and a sparkly lip just isn’t the way to go. Gloss Interdit, is the best of both worlds, offering highly pigmented shades and a glossy shine with fantastic longevity. Comfortable and non-sticky, create shiny and plump lips in the sweep of a wand.

You can’t have the perfect lip without a helping hand. Rouge Interdit Lipliner, preps lips and aids longevity with its ultra matte and waterproof formulation. It glides onto lips easily, whether used traditionally as an outline around the lip contour to prevent lipstick smudging and feathering, or over the entire lip as a base coat for some seriously long-lasting colour and hold. The 11 gorgeous shades match those of the Rouge Interdit colours, and each pencil comes complete with a sharpener to keep the colour at its vibrant best.

Vernis Please! in Ange Ou Demon

The perfect lip needs a perfect nail colour, and Vernis Please!  has colours in abundance. Intense, shiny and easy to apply, the formulations are incredibly strong yet flexible on the nail, reducing the risk of chipping whilst protecting weak nails. With colours ranging from manicure nude Sweet Base to the bright pop of Sweet Coral, and the intensely seductive Rouge Interdit to the gothic-esque darkness of Fatal Plum, there is a colour to suit every personality, every mood – and every outfit!

Discover the entire range of lip and nail colours and learn more about ingredients and application here, Givenchy Lips and Nails.

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