Autumn Fragrance Wardrobe


I’m often slightly baffled by the term ‘fragrance wardrobe’. I don’t know about you, but my wardrobe contains some clothes, a few coats, and all of my old magazines (and a few not-so-secret Christmas presents…)

But chances are, you probably already have a fragrance wardrobe – otherwise simply known as your perfume collection. They normally include a fragrance for work, a scent for the weekend, and a special perfume you save for night-time wear, or for special occasions. Far from being deliberate choices, you tend to gravitate towards having a few different signature scents dependant on your mood – and it goes without saying that you don’t feel the same way at work as you do on a night out.

Take a look at our top picks for the breezy, golden Autumn months, and set up a wardrobe that may even see you all the way through to the obligatory Christmas Day fragrance haul…


The ladylike trend is everywhere at the moment, with hues of nude, camel and pink dominating both the catwalk and the high street. This sophistication is easily translated into the workplace, where clean lines and elegant femininity is the name of the game.

TIP Keep 9 to 5 scents light and subtle, as workplace heaters will hit your skin and magnify the scent. Whilst you may have gotten used to the scent, it will still be detectable to those people around you.


One fragrance that works this trend to perfection is Love, Chloe from £38, a nostalgic, vintage-inspired powdery floral scent that is ideal for daytime wear. The pared-down flacon is a handbag’s dream – the golden cap is affixed by a dainty chain, so there’s little chance of accidental spraying, while its sleek lines and luxe golden cuffs are sure to up your beauty credentials.

Another instant classic is Calvin Klein Beauty from £28.89, a sophisticated floral that evokes the ultra-femininity of the ladylike trend. The creamy luminosity of the scent is beautiful whilst keeping the tone subtle, and a little hint of spiciness introduces some Autumnal warmth.


You can afford to go a little wilder with your scent at the weekend. You don’t have to worry about overpowering your weekday colleagues, and you don’t have to wear conservative clothes – score! Wear something that will make you feel lovely, or try sweeter or more spicy scents to suit your weekend mood.

TIPHeavier scents are well suited to the cooler Autumn weather – their strength makes longevity less of an issue when the weather makes skin drier and less likely to hold perfume.


The eponymous new scent from designer Orla Kiely, Orla Kiely Eau de Parfum from £32, is equally is quirky as the lady herself, incorporating aspects of her favourite smells from Green Tea and Chocolate, to Roses and Peaches. Although idiosyncratic, the scent blends together beautifully – a modern perfume with a retro twist, perfect for kicking up the leaves.
If the definition of a weekend fragrance was ‘a gorgeous and ultra-feminine scent that makes you feel like a superstar’, then Lady Million from £28.04is definitely the scent that we pledge our weekends to. A vibrant fruity floral perfume with a sensual warmth, this already hugely successful scent is easy to wear and very glamorous.


These are the opulent, often more expensive scents that you save to make you feel really special on nights out. You can be a little more daring with your evening fragrance and choose a scent that suits your all singing, all dancing social function alter ego..

TIPScents more suitable for evening wear tend to be spicy, deeply floral or oriental scents, and are mainly characterised by their darker-hued bottles.


Our number one choice for Autumn opulence is Yves Saint Laurent Belle d’Opium from £39. With its heady composition of rich florals and spices, and super-luxe midnight blue bottle, it’s an ideal choice for extra special scenting.

If you favour your evening scents a little lighter but would still like some glamorous sensuality, then Salvatore Ferragamo’s latest offering Attimo from £39may well be right up your street. The dazzling floral structure is made irresistable with exotic nuances of Kumquat and Frangipani Flower, and despite its creaminess has a woody trail that will last you the whole night.


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