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Written by guest blogger and fragrance enthusiast Colin Murchie.

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Paul Smith Man 2 is the latest addition to the Paul Smith Man line. It is a much brighter, sharper fragrance in comparison to the original with citrus top notes and Granny Smith apple, a spicy heart with wood and lavender, and a base of white musks, woods and tonka bean. These notes would classify the scent as an oriental fragrance. To my nose, however, this is a very fresh oriental with a prominent lavender opening and the citrus and apple coming through. It keeps its sharp freshness right the way through to the base, smoothing out as the woods and tonka come to the front. Certainly a unique fragrance comparing it to others on the market, perfect for evening wear due to its warm and fresh nature.

The original Paul Smith Man is a very different beast. This is again an oriental fragrance, starting off with citrus top notes, anise, incense, patchouli and spices in the heart and orris (iris), violet and tonka bean in the base. It starts with a fleeting burst of yuzu, a small Japanese orange type fruit. Then follows on with subtle incense, blending with the spices in the heart. This is a much more muted oriental fragrance with a hint of ‘candyness’ due to the orris and violet base. It reminds me of that nougat in big rolls that you buy by the slice at fairgrounds, a slightly chalky sweetness.

The bottles are the same cool matte black finish with either Paul Smith Man in yellow and white or Paul Smith Man in grey and a big ‘2’ in yellow. The lid of the original is in black and for 2, the lid is in silver. Very masculine and strikingly simple bottles, certain to bring a touch of style to your shelf, gym bag or wherever you take them with you!

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