Which Facial Serum?


Serums are like winter coats,” I was once warned. “Put them on too early and you won’t feel the benefits when you really need them.”

It makes sense, of course… If we start applying a serum too early, our skin gets used to the ingredients and the product will have little effect when problems really do start to appear.

The key is to be patient… Think of serum as the emergency service of skincare – don’t make the call unless you really need it. And when you do take the plunge, make sure the product targeted to your particular skincare concern.



Serums aimed at mature skin work in three ways – they aim to smooth the complexion, firm skin, and fade pigmentation. Vichy LiftActiv CxP Total Daily Serum, £26.50, is effective on each of these levels, leaving skin feeling hydrated and supple, with a brighter tone, and a firmer texture. The serum is somewhere between a gel and a cream, giving it a soothing, cooling feel as it is applied.

If you suffer from dry skin, you’ll understand the frustration of a tight, uncomfortable, flaky complexion. Adding a hydrating serum to your morning skincare regime (applied after cleansing, but before your moisturising cream) will make a huge difference to the suppleness of skin. I love Givenchy Skin Drink Serum, £38, which does exactly what it says on the tin; hydrating and soothing the driest complexions.

If you are looking for a product to shrink visible, open pores, it well worth adding Clarins Pore Minimizing Serum, £20.50, to your dressing table. A twice-daily application will help to unblock, tone, and purify pores, giving the complexion a perfect, even, refined appearance. I love the way it leaves skin feeling velvety-smooth, working as an ideal base for foundation.

We tend to forget our neck and chest when we are moisturising at morning and night – and the result is often the formation of deep wrinkles and lines, which appear far earlier than those on our complexion. If those areas are starting to give away your age, it is worth using a targeted serum, such as Guerlain Success Future Neck & Décolleté, £60. It contains Pure Amber Extract to tighten, renew, and restore skin.

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