Spotlight On… Narciso Rodriguez

We’re re-launching the covetable Narciso Rodriguez fragrances at Escentual, and to celebrate we dedicate our first Spotlight On of the year to the king of elegant modernity…

The New York-based designer brings together three major influences in his creative visions: the rules of American ready-to-wear, the European haute couture tradition, and the raw sensuality of his Latin heritage. These rich mines of couture inspiration are indicative of his Cuban descent and his New York residency which, when blended with Narciso’s individual personality and passions, define the inimitable “so narciso” style.

The designs of Narciso showcase New York structural elegance at its very finest. Clean lines, understated classicism, sober modernity and passionate sensuality are plentiful in his creative visions, celebrating the architecture of the city in visionary haute couture. His passion for photography shines through in the distinctive shape and the precision of his designs – values that resonate throughout the entirety of his collections.

Narciso’s first fragrance is Narciso Rodriguez for Her, a musky, voluptuous fragrance for women. Three notes blend together to enhance the muskiness: Flower Honey, Amber Light and Tactile Woods. The Eau de Parfum has a soft pink bottle set off by clean, pure lines, whilst the Eau de Toilette is encased within an inky black flacon.

His second fragrance for women is Essence, a sheer powdery floral that blends modern musk with Rose Petals and Iris Powder for a sensual and luminous experience.

Narciso Rodriguez for Him is the first fragrance for men, focusing again upon the central note of musk. The masculine and extremely sensual scent lingers close to the skin, with resonating notes of Violet, Sensual Amber and Texture Woods. Sleek, contemporary and elegant.

The brand new Musc Collection features three introductions to the Narciso fragrance line: Narciso Rodriguez for Her Eau de Parfum Intense, Essence Eau de Parfum Intense and Narciso Rodriguez for Him Eau de Parfum, fresh interpretations of the original scents that pay tribute to musc, the fragrance signature of Narciso Rodriguez. Each flacon is a true object of desire, fascinating with their mysterious, smoky mirror effects and clean lines.

With an extensive line of body products that ranges from oil extracts to hair mists, and deodorants to shower gels, Nariciso’s prestige fragrances can be layered lavishly all over the body. Prepare yourself for fragrance haute couture…

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